Happy Hump day everyone!

You know how important I stress on my blog that good nutrient and exercise are good for your health and beauty.  Well, I forgot to mention that sleep is crucial too.  When you doze, your skin (your body’s largest organ) works to regenerate and repair your skin cells.

One of my boys recently caught a mild cold plus an ear infection that we discovered a few days later.  So, I have had a handful of sleepless nights (can you tell from these pictures?  Pictures don’t lie) and it’s been rough.  You can see the bags under my eyes and the dullness on my complexion caused by lack of sleep, but that’s part of being a mom, right?  It’s inevitable and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in this world.

After getting a combination of 10 hours of sleep for the past 5 nights and my son has recovered, I’ve decided to take some time off for myself.  I put on my heels, colored jeans and a lace top.  I completed my outfit with a pair of emerald earrings, which was the perfect choice for the occasion.  Do you know that green is the color of balance and it is the most restful color?  How perfect was that?

I love antique cameo by Kalmar Antiques, but this pair of emerald green faceted jade earrings with vintage gold chain by Henri Lou was the next perfect choice.  Even though I was tired these Henri Lou earrings brought a sense of beauty balance back.  If you have not heard of Henri Lou you will!  She is the “must have” new fashion brand in the jewelry and handbags accessories market.  Hottest celebrities like Julia Roberts, Teri Hatcher, Taylor Swift, Jessica Simpson, and few others can’t get enough of HENRI LOU!  Stay tuned for a chance to win her best selling accessory here at Mama in Heels.

: : OUTFIT : ;

Top: Oasis lace top (sold out, similar here)
Bottom: DL1961 Legging (on sale now for $119)
Shoes: Manolo Blahnik (old, similar here)
Accessories: Henri Lou earrings, Thank You! JCrew belt, vintage bracelet

Thank you so much for visiting and have a fabulous day!


  1. What a great post. I am sorry to hear your son was sick but i’m glad he is better. I’ve always loved sleep. My husband said he never met someone who liked to sleep more than I did. Then my son came along and changed that, but like you said I wouldn’t change it for all the money in the world!!!! I don’t see any bags under your eyes, by the way. I think you look fabulous. I need a pair of emerald earrings. Glad you took some time for yourself. That is so important. Love your outfit by the way.



  2. Oh those sleepless nights! My little girl was sick a few days ago and feeling better now but she was getting up every night around 3am and getting in our bed and coughing in our faces. I was exhausted. Glad your little one is feeling better.

    Love the outfit, especially that top.

    • Janise Reply

      Thank you, Aracely. Glad to know that your little girl is feeling better 🙂

  3. Green color has always been my favourite. Those emerald earring are sooo amazing, love it 🙂

  4. You look absolutely gorgeous and those earrings are so perfect on you! Love the whole look. I’m glad your son is feeling better. I know EXACTLY what you mean about sleepless nights, my son had the stomach flu last week over spring break. It’s tough being a mom some days but SO worth it. Thanks for linking up your fabulous ensemble, have a great weekend!!

  5. I love this look! That lace top with emerald pants is so regal looking. Lovely! PS I found you at “watch what I’m wearing”! Have a fab day! xo

  6. Thank you for your comment on my blog. I love the color of emerald green as I think it suits skintones with yellow undertones i.e., Asians. Glad to hear that your son has recovered and you were able to take some time off for yourself. 🙂


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