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||Wearing: Dante in Sharp Button Up Outfit – thanks to Fabkids!  Alexander in Black Denim & Skull Tee – thanks to Fabkids!||

What is it about sunglasses that my sons find so fascinating?   My sons love them (only the adult version…they don’t care for the toddler version).  They couldn’t get enough of them.  They always want to play with our sunglasses; putting them on during car rides, running around the house or the yard.  But mind you, it’s not recommended because they can be very dangerous if not handled properly.  I tend to take the sunglasses away from them after they had a chance to play with them a minute or so because I just don’t want them to get hurt.

Last night, the minute we stepped inside one of our favorite restaurants they knew what was coming.  The owner of this restaurant always gives toys to the boys to play after their meal.  You can just imagine the big smiles on their faces when they were presented with a few colorful sunglasses with lights (made for toddlers).  They were in heaven and couldn’t get enough of them.  They modeled all the colors and chased each other with laughter.  We love coming to this restaurant because on top of getting fed with tasty food, we are also getting top notch service and toys!!!





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  1. My son is obsessed with sunglasses and of course, always adult sunglasses. He has his own collection and is not caught dead with out them. He is 7, I can’t imagine when he is a teen.

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