Hello everyone!  We have a very special guest post today from Matt Pipkin, Founder of SpeakYourSilence.Org.  Please read his heartfelt story and let’s support this great cause.

Take it away Matt…


We all enjoy being fashionable. We also have big hearts to support causes that are dear to us.  But typically, the two don’t mix well. That is, until now.

Just a few years ago, I shared a story with my family and friends that I never told a soul in twenty years. The story: A trusted family friend sexually abused me when I was just six years old.  I grew up believing I was at fault for what happened to me. I carried guilt, shame, and immense fear, which also poured heavily into my sense of self-worth as an adult.  But when I shared my story, I found overwhelming love and support from everyone. I began to see a counselor… and my life was completely changed.  I discovered a sense of value and freedom I’d never felt before.

My story is one that too many of us can relate to. One in four girls and one in six boys are sexually abused prior to the age of 18. On top of that, the issue is taboo, and thus, children continue to experience it, while those who have already experienced it live on in silence, as I did for so long.  I wanted to change this.

 In late 2012, I founded Speak Your Silence, a nonprofit with a mission to conquer the stigma of child sexual abuse. And, just a couple weeks back, we launched our big idea – it’s called The Stitch.  The Stitch is a simple thread that can be sewn onto clothing and apparel, and its zigzag shape is a physical embodiment of voice frequency. So, by wearing The Stitch on your shirt or bag, you’re literally wearing your voice.

The Stitch merges our sense of fashion with our big hearts, creating a community of people who show support for the cause in a stylish and inspiring way. It further creates an uplifting atmosphere where loved ones know that they are supported in sharing their stories.  Had I seen my friends and family wearing The Stitch as I was growing up, I would have felt so much safer sharing my story sooner.  Amazing, the power of a little thread.

 We’re so excited to see how lives are transformed by The Stitch, and encourage you to show a simple, outward expression of support—whether you’ve been directly affected by the issue or not.  And really, what better way to change lives than by doing it in style?

The Stitch is currently available at www.speakyoursilence.org, and 100% of profits go directly toward providing free counseling for individuals personally affected by child sexual abuse.

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