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I don’t know what happened to time but my twins are now 5, 5 1/2 to be exact.  They are fiercely independent and self-sustaining for the most part.  This certainly helps a lot because this mama is about to lose her mind taking care of 2 boys that are at the same age.  

My kids are very expressive and not shy about telling us what they love and want.  They know how to shower (yes, they no longer take baths) on their own with minimal supervision, and confidently dress after.  

Every morning they pick out their clothes and shoes for the day.  One is always efficient while the other takes his sweet time, especially when it comes to putting on their shoes.  They prefer (I do too!) shoes that do not require tieing laces or fastening 5 buckles to secure.

One of their favorite pairs as of late is the Leepz sneakers from Stride Rite.  They were super excited when I opened the box containing the shoes.   The green color had them at hello while the lights had them at WOW!  

They’ve been wearing these sneakers every day from going to school to the park.   They think these shoes are the coolest thing ever because they light up with every step they take.

I’ve been updating their wardrobe in moderation because they are growing out of their clothes and shoes faster than I can whip up a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  

I used to be able to get away with them sharing the clothes, which saved some money.  I no longer have that privilege and have to buy new clothing and shoes in 2 sets at least every couple months.  Naturally, I scour the internet and shops for the best bargains in town.

Thank goodness these shoes only cost $50 per pair so they are affordable and won’t break the bank.  I personally love the lights on these sneakers because I know I can easily spot my kids from anywhere, not to mention it’s a safety feature when playing near the streets.

Leepz are available on StrideRite.com and at your local Stride Rite store. The sneakers retail for $50 and come in sizes for big and little kids.  I highly recommend them.

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