I love shopping at HomeGoods for home decor items.  It is really dangerous for my wallet.  I always walk out with at least a few items.  

Recently, I discovered this affordable round mirror from Target on Instagram for less than $50.  Well, I usually go to Target to shop for clothing and other items but never really bother to browse their home furnishing aisle.  

After seeing these pictures on Instagram, I’m itching to go there this weekend and pick one up for our guest room.

Why this particular mirror?  Well, it looks really stylish and expensive.  

Take a look:

Room reorganizing ✔️ candles + space heater + fuzzy blankets = never leaving

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Home sweet home 💕

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Next time you visit this famous red retailer, you will want to go straight for this gold round mirror like I will in a few days.

Have a lovely weekend.  Until then, I will see you on the blog next week!

Pic: Style by Emily Henderson


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