luxury workwearluxury workwearluxury workwear luxury workwearluxury workwearThere’s something about wearing a suit for work.  It signals your ambition, authority, experience, and even age.  It also conveys your competence – you mean business and get the job done.

My first pantsuit was 20 years ago when I accepted a management role in a very conservative office environment.  I don’t remember which brand it was but I think it was Ann Taylor and the color was black.  I had it tailored due to my petite frame and I wore that pantsuit at least once a week to work.  The style and fit were perfect and I thought it would last for years to come.  I was wrong.

I had to throw the pantsuit away a couple years later because there were holes everywhere.  The fabric was fading too.  As much as I wanted to hold on to that pantsuit I had to let it go.  Since then I had purchased at least 10 pantsuits.  Sadly, they all had the same fate.

There’s no question that most suits made for women do not last long due to the quality of the material.  Maybe that’s why we shop so much because we’re on a quest for that perfect pantsuit?!

When Gurjot contacted me a couple months ago and shared her luxury businesswear for women my ears perched.  Her company, Gurjot New York, offers a bespoke collection of luxury businesswear for women.

Gurjot developed her sensibilities about what women should wear to work through her long career in management consulting.  She aims to advance women in the workplace by dressing them impeccably.  Being a businesswoman herself, she designs a line of custom workwear that conveys power, style, and success.

Gurjot New York offers the finest wool from Italy and England with luxurious pure silk lining – all made in New York.  Custom made to fit you perfectly.

I’m wearing the Madison Jacket, the Carlton Slack, and the Essential Long-Sleeved Blouse.  The jacket is lined in pure silk with lots of interior pockets for phone, lipstick, and more.  It is tailored to fit my petite frame.  The slack is comfortable and office appropriate.  The front is ¾ lined in pure silk with a slight flare at the bottom.  The silk blouse can be worn out or tucked in.  

The pieces range in price from $150 to $595.  You can shop online or in their Showroom Boutique in Manhattan.

As you all know I love shopping for affordable clothing but I’m more than willing to invest in a timeless suit if it is made of the highest quality with the best fit.  As cliche as it may sound, you really get you paid for.  

Generally speaking, people who work in finance dress more conservatively than people who work in creative industries.  Regardless of which profession you are in, having a tailored fit suit is essential for any type of industries because it signals your seriousness and at times can protect you if you happened to find yourself in a roomful of men in suits.



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