I am vertically challenged.  To put it bluntly, I’m short and pushing 5’2.  And I will only grow shorter as I age.  I’m too tall and big to fit into kid-sized clothes yet too small and short to fit in adult sizes.  The retail industry classifies my body type as ‘Petite.”

So, when it comes to buying clothes I’m extremely picky about fit and fabric.  I have to tailor most of the clothes that I purchase, especially trousers and pants.  

Although I’ve been told I look taller than my height, people don’t really know that I have a few tricks up my sleeves to give off that illusion.  I wear heels most of the time.  I rarely wear flats, but when I do they are usually pointy.  I also straighten my posture while sitting, standing and walking – not only do I feel taller but I feel more confident.  Another trick is to dress proportionally for an elongated effect.  

I’m so happy that clothing brands like Chico’s are offering a petite line for tiny people like me.  Their collection is perfectly proportioned to fit and flatter.  The sleeves are shorter, shoulders are more narrow, waistlines are raised, and inseams are reduced.   This saves me a ton of tailoring cost and time.  

One of the items from Chico’s fall collection that I absolutely adore is their Juliet Ankle Pants.  These pants are made of ponte fabric – a combination of rayon, polyester, and spandex.  The ponte fabric can hold its shape because the fabric is tightly woven.  I love the feel of the ponte fabric because it’s a lifesaver for me whenever I’m bloated.  I was bloated while taking these photos but you can’t really tell because these pants held my tummy in while offering comfort. It also travels well, doesn’t fade and is super duper comfortable.  A plus for a busy working mom like me, and I’m packing these pants for my next offsite meeting in a few weeks.

The Juliet Ankle pants are straight and narrow that sits just below the natural waist with a sleek pull-on silhouette that eases over every contour.  I’m wearing the P00 size in Burnt Yellow Ochre and didn’t have to hem the length at all.  I found the perfect ankle pants that fit!  

It took me a long time to embrace and celebrate my stature. This is a physical part of my body that I can never change…nor do I want to.  Using the tricks I mentioned above and finding the right clothing to fit my frame solve that issue.  

If you are also petite and struggle with finding the right clothing brand that would fit like me, definitely check out Chico’s petite collection if you haven’t already!

Thank you Chico’s for sponsoring this post.

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