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I know I sound like a broken record but please let me repeat – being a working mom is exhausting. Yes, it’s rewarding but man…it’s really really tough.

I have a 9 to 5 job despite juggling more responsibility at home. Oh yeah I run a blog too.

Although my twins are now six they still wake up during the night occasionally. So, if you are a mom, the chances are you wake up more during the night and have more sleep fragmentation than the dads.

One of the things that I look forward to at night is hitting the sack because I do love a good night sleep.

So there’s nothing more fulfilling and satisfying than climbing into a soft, cool bed at night, then waking up feeling refreshed. Or better yet, starting your day with a shower and wrapping yourself in a towel that makes you feel safe and sexy.

I recently discovered HygroCotton® bed sheets and towels where they get my day started and help me wind down at the end of my day. Let me tell you, it’s a game changer.



HygroCotton® fibers are spun in a way where the yarns are hollow creating a unique air-flow that would wicks moisture away. They also help regulate your body temperature for comfort so in the summer the sheets will keep you cooler and warmer in the winter.

The HygroCotton® towels easily soak up moisture while staying soft and plush. Its unique hollow core with HygroCotton® enables towel quickly after use and becomes softer and loftier after multiple items of washing. The towels and sheets actually gets softer and loftier with every wash.

I love using their towels after a relaxing 15 minutes in the soothing, bathtub. I could feel the absorbent of the towel the minute I wrap my dripping body to dry off. They are so soft, fluffy, and durable.


The HygroCotton® bed sheets are also fabulous – the softest I have ever slept in. Their soft, plush, and breathable sheets make going back to sleep unchallenging.


I think sleeping in comfortable, plush bedsheets are the most important thing in the world because you spend a third of your life in bed between the sheets, and they are worth the investment. Luckily, the HygroCotton® sheets are high in quality but affordable.

I think you guys need to experience what I’m experiencing with these sheets and towels. So, go and treat yourself to some fabulous HygroCotton® sheets and towels that are luxurious yet affordable available at Bed Bath & Beyond, Costco, Kohls, JC Penney, Walmart, Macy’s , Kmart and Sears. Make sure you look for the word HygroCotton® on the label for the bed sheets and bath towels.

You can also win your own HygroCotton products by entering this sweepstakes!

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  1. Those sheets sound heavenly to sleep on! I so need to get a set!!

  2. I love a good set of sheets and towels! I guess that’s the reason I love sleeping in hotels. These sheets and towels look like they feel amazing!

    • Janise Reply

      These sheets are so soft and plush. The towels are soft, plush, and thick to absorb the water. I really really love them!

  3. I hear you on being a working mom! I did my time with the little ones doing that! Being a work at home mom is exhausting too!
    I tell you what, I will spend a little more on quality sheets and towels! Totally checking into this brand as I need new sheets and towels right now!

    • Janise Reply

      I think just being a mom is exhausting whether we work or not. We have so much to do! Check out their sheets and towels and you won’t regret it!

    • Janise Reply

      They really are soft and fluffy! I’m going to get a few more later this week.

  4. Bernadette Callahan Reply

    Good comfy sheets are a must! I love when they are fresh out of the dryer.

  5. I am very sensitive to anything but cotton. I love that these are spun to be hollow and wick moisture away. I get so hot at night and this would help keep me cool.

  6. These sound fantastic! I’m happy to spend a little extra money to make sure we have great sheets and towels – you use them every day!

  7. Claudia Krusch Reply

    I would love to try these HygroCotton bed sheets and towels. I have been hearing great reviews from a few of my friends.

  8. I seriously don’t know how moms do it! You have my admiration. These cotton sheets sound perfect, and they look super soft and plush.

    • Janise Reply

      Thank you, Natalie. We have no choice but to just do what needs to get done as a mom.

  9. As a working woman, I feel exhausted all the time and as working mom I can imagine how tough your job must be. I am glad you are pampering yourself with HygroCotton products 🙂

    • Janise Reply

      I try my best to squeeze in whatever I can to relax, even if it’s only do 10 mins😊

  10. There is nothing more comforting at the end of a long day than a comfortable bed with great sheets. Good quality sheets are hard to find at a reasonable price.

  11. Oh love being a working mom IS exhausted!! I don’t think most people even know lol but finding anything to help make your rest better is KEY!! Thanks for sharing!

    • Janise Reply

      It is exhausting and to be able to feel like you are pamper at night is truly amazing!

  12. I have gotten some HygroCotton towels from Bed Bath and Beyond and I love them! I didn’t know that they also had sheets, I’ll have to check them out! Thanks for sharing!

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