Welcome to the monthly series, In Her SHOES.  Each month the series will focus on anything shoe related from trends to reviews regardless of price.  For December, I’m thrilled to share a pair of cream lizard mules,  which is right on trend for fall/winter.  Meet…

Jeffrey Campbell Sweetheart Mules

Price: $138

Jeffrey Campbell Shoes

I have a thing for mules…I really do!  They are like cozy sandals with heels – easy to slip on and off while adding height.   But not all mules are created equal so make sure you try them on first or read my reviews before you whip out that credit card.

Read on to see whether it was a good buy or not.  Jeffrey Campbell shoes run true to size.   I bought half a size larger because I have wide feet.  As mentioned previously when shopping for shoes there are three tricks that I always use whenever I try on shoes to make sure they are comfortable and fit right.

Jeffrey Campbell ShoesJeffrey Campbell Sweetheart MulesJeffrey Campbell ShoesJeffrey Campbell Shoes

The Late Afternoon Trick

In case you’re not aware, our feet do change as the day goes on.  They tend to swell a tad, typically in the late afternoon.  That’s the best time to try on any shoe.  You want to make sure they fit right.

The Test:  I tried these mules on at 5 in the afternoon when my feet tend to swell during that time.  However, because the weather has been quite mild my feet did not swell as much.  Regardless, I walked around the house for at least thirty minutes.   Overall, they were quite comfortable.

The One-Inch Trick

This typically applies to stilettos 4″ or higher.  It is recommended that you should have about an inch between the insole and your heel when you lift your heel up.  If you can’t then that means they’re probably too high and you won’t be comfortable.

The Test: These mules are less than 4 inches high so I was able to lift my heel up easily.

The Thumb Trick

I do this all the time, especially when trying on pumps.  Make sure the space between your big toe and the top of the shoe has about a thumb’s amount of space.  You want enough wiggle room so that friction in that area is not created.

The Test:  One of the things why I love wearing mules is that you can always shift your feet for comfort, if needed.


They are very affordable and stylish.  I also love the height because it’s still tall enough to give me a few more inches while offering comfort to my feet.  The cream color is soft and beautiful.  I can wear this throughout the year in Los Angeles.  I would not wear these in the winter if you live in a winter wonderland.


 I couldn’t think of any.


I want to get the red and black colors now!

Styling Tips

Mules are so chic and stylish that you can almost wear with anything.  I love pairing them with ripped hem denim or maxi skirts.

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