two thousand eighteenTwo thousand eighteen has arrived, and as it is every year, we get to do our best one more time.

It’s been an amazing two thousand seventeen for my family & I.   There were great times and not so good times.  We finally ventured out of North America and visited Sicily in June.  Less than a month ago, we almost had to evacuate due to the LA Fires.  Just a couple weeks ago part of our plumbing had to be re-piped.  Then a week later, our washing machine broke down.  Regardless, we managed to survive and kept on going.

Since the new year’s arrival, both hubby and I celebrated our 8th anniversary.  Although January 1 is just another day I felt like it’s a new beginning for us to make things right.  Nothing is promised or guaranteed.  Personally, I’m sure I will have new challenges navigating through motherhood because the twins are older.  Blog-wise, I will share an abundance of inspiration as I have included in the year’s posts, if not more.

For fashion, you will get more than just what to wear to a particular venue.  I will be sharing a lot of how-to’s relating to trends and classic pieces.  The beauty reviews will continue.  Hubby and I are planning to travel more this year so we will be sharing those contents with you as well.

While some series like In Her SHOES, What to Wear WHERE, and $200 Clothing Budget will be discontinued, two new ones will be added.  With the My Financial Comeback series, I’ll be sharing my money management tips and tools to help you get ahead no matter your age while rocking those fabulous stilettos.  The Five Monthly Musings series will be focused on things of interest for that particular month.

Although it is one year older, it is a new year full of new perspectives, new inspirations, new hopes, new goals, new achievements, new strengths, great health, great wealth, and your fears fade away!

As always, thank you for your continued support and encouragement.


  1. Oh my gosh, our fridge just broke and our washing machine broke this past summer, so I completely understand how you feel! It is the best and worst thing to be a home owner! I hope you have an amazing 2018!! 🙂 so glad I found your blog!!

    • Janise Reply

      I really sucks! Our washing machine is 6 yrs old and got all the bells and whistles. Hubby’s parents’ washing machine was simple but lasted 25 yrs! Times are different now😞

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