Once a month I share my top eight desirable and affordable finds from new and pre-owned to vintage pieces that are not only stylish but also worth the investment.  I also share the latest fashion items that are the most desirable, affordable, and also great investment pieces that are too good not to buy.

Here’s a roundup of my top 8 affordable finds for December!


1. Charcoal Dress ($59.99).   I love this dress – a lot!  I love the cut, the material with glittery details and the charcoal color.  It’s perfect for work or a cocktail party for the winter months.

2. Velvet Dress$118 $54 ).   This dress is gorgeous.  You need this for your next date or Valentine’s Day.

3. Plaid Blazer ( $49.99  ).   I love blazers because they are timeless and versatile – my kind of style.  Plaids will never go away so investing in a plaid blazer is a smart idea, especially if it costs less than $50.

4. Metallic Gold Earrings  ($92 $31).   Big earrings are so on-trend right now.  I love beautiful accessories and these earrings can easily amp up any outfit.

5. Leather Bucket Bag ( $490 $294 ).  I’ve been shopping for a bucket bag (yeah, like I need more bags!) .  I think they are whimsical and practical.  I love the structure of this bucket bag.  It is made of 100% calfskin and the price is really nice for a well-made leather bag.

6. Suede Boots ($129).  I’ve been shopping for a pair of slouch boots but most of them are very expensive even for the non-leather made ones.  This pair is made of soft suede and the price point is perfectly affordable.

7. Queen Bee Flannel PJ Set ($44.80). Okay, so I have two PJ sets that I wear to sleep, and I soon will have to part this set because I’ve been wearing it non-stop.  This set looks so cute and comfy.  Will definitely consider getting this to prepare for colder days ahead.

8. Step Hem Skinny Jeans ($49).  Denim will never go out of style – well, maybe this style will.  But for $49 a pair I think it’s worth the investment to add some edge to your look.  My guess is that the raw/step hem style will stay for a while.

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