winter olivesWinter olives are nothing new.  Although olive is a shade I don’t regularly wear all year round because it is more suitable for fall, I love injecting this color into my wardrobe once in a while to amp up my looks. 

Styling an olive hue can be intimidating for some people but it is actually quite simple and effortless.  I treat this color as I would any other neutral like beige or camel.

If you have a cargo jacket or any item in the olive shade just mix it with other neutral colors for a classic look.  If you want to go bold, then infuse colors like burgundy, mustard yellow, fuschia, teal blue, and red into the mix and keep everything else in neutral.

For the past couple weeks, It’s been abnormally warm here in Los Angeles for winter.  So warm that I haven’t been able to wear some of the cozy and plush sweaters that I bought earlier this year.

Luckily, I didn’t pack away the short sleeve olive jacket that I bought at Zara in Sicily.  I wore this outfit to work last week and it was cool enough to keep me warm but not too warm that would overheat my temperature.

Winter olives may not be a hue that is synonymous with winter, but it’s a perfect neutral color to embrace a wardrobe color change.



If you are in the mood to inject some olive hue into your wardrobe for winter I have rounded up a list of affordable but chic options.


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  1. I love those pants on you! I like how you paired the olive color with creamy colors as well as pops of color! So chic!

  2. I really love that olive jacket. I’m getting a 70’s vibe from it, which I really like. Olive has always been one of my favorite colors of greens.

  3. Love your look. Usually not a fan of the color but the way you put it all together is flawless

  4. I love Olive too! I also have those same exact pants and I LOVE them! You paired everything so well together, it looks like you just stepped off of the runway! Thank you for sharing your tips and where you got all of your adorable clothes! I may buy a few new things in the near future!
    xo- Kam

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