Simple Indulgence: No. 20


So so happy to be home!  It’s been a very long week and I will be spending a lot of time with my family this weekend.  I will also spend some time doing one of my favorite indulgences as well, shopping!  I’ve picked out some of my favorite pieces from Nordstrom’s Half-Yearly Sale above for you to peruse!

Have a great weekend, everyone!  Until next week, I will see you on the blog.


Family Pizza Night

If you are following me on my social media accounts then you know about this incident that happened yesterday morning at the LAX airport.  I was leaving for a business trip and while waiting at the gate and sipping my Chai latte I heard someone yelling “get down on the ground!” and then I heard a gunshot, but it turned out to be a taser gun…I didn’t see the guy bleeding.

My heart was pounding and my hands were shaking as I watched and recorded the entire incident unfolded in front of me.  Since I was nowhere near any exit I thought I was going to die at the airport!  The only thought that came to my mind at the time was my husband and my kids.  I called them immediately :)  Luckily, the man was caught and taken into custody.  Now, onto today’s post…

family pizza night-1

As part of a series of Celebrating Family Values partnering with Kimberly – Clark during the months of May and June – highlighting the importance of spending time together with our loved ones, I’d thought I share one of the things we love to do as a family.

We love to eat good, healthy food – the type that do not involve too much pesticide.  We watch what we eat but don’t get obsessed over it.  Regardless, we always try to eat a balanced meal from breakfast to lunch to dinner.  We try to have each meal together as a family, but that is not always the case.  My day starts at 6 or 7 in the morning for work so sitting down with the family for breakfast rarely happens, unless it is on the weekend.

BUT, G & I always make an effort to have the most important meal of the day as a family: the family dinner whenever possible.  We believe eating dinner together as a family connects our relationship.  Dinner time allows everyone to discuss his or her day and share any news, exciting or not so great.  Although the twins are 4 they love being heard (not just at the dinner table but all the time, btw).  You will be surprised at how a 4 yr. old can hold their own conversation intelligently.

Making pizza from scratch is one of the dinner dishes that we as a family enjoy.  We all love to participate, especially the twins.  Granted, they are only 4 and can barely differentiate flour from baking soda.  What they do know and love is making pizza! Their favorite part is rolling the dough with every topping that is available.

I make the dough from scratch (let’s just say the twins are not ready for the BIG time yet!) in the morning and let it rise duirng the day.  Come dinnertime we all get together and roll the dough, place some sauce and cheese and put it in the oven.  Voila, there’s our pizza!  This is not only affordable and fun but also a great way to spend quality time with each other.  An easy family bonding that comes with a built-in edible reward!

family pizza night-1-2Family Pizza Night 2family pizza night-3-2family pizza night-5Family Values Program

Disclosure:  Thank you Kimberly-Clark for sponsoring this post.  As always, all opinions are my own.

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Ken Paves You Are Beautiful

Ken Paves-2

A couple weeks ago, I received an invite from Ken Paves, the most sought after hairstylist in the world, to get primped, pampered and polished with his revolutionary new hair care collection, Ken Paves You Are Beautiful at his West Hollywood, CA salon.  Oh boy, what an experience that was, talk about getting spoiled!

My pampering started with an entrance to a chic cottage, the Ken Paves Salon.  I was immediately greeted by their welcoming and friendly staff.  They then introduced me to my hairstylist, Anna. She’s perky and very pretty but very talented as I found out later.  I was immediately dressed in a silky robe (probably the same one that Eva Longoria wore the day before!?) to have my hair cleaned with Ken Paves You Are Beautiful Shampoo and Nourish & Hydrate Conditioner.

Anna wanted to know what I wanted to do with my hair.  I said something casual but chic and sexy like loose beach waves.  She then proceeded to spray some Ken Paves You Are Beautiful Hair Volumizing Spray and Ken Paves You Are Beautiful Volumizing Whip on my hair, followed by a blow dry to style my hair.  My hair was unbelievably super shiny after.

Anna then started to work her magic in creating loose beach waves on my stubborn hair using a hot curling iron.  She taught me how to create beach waves by dividing my hair into sections and curl them in different directions.  To set and hold the curls she used Ken Paves You are Beautiful Flexible Hold Spray.

My beach waves survived the entire afternoon, late into the night and even the next day!  I’ve been using that tip to curl my hair since :)  If you are looking for a place to get primped, pampered, polished, and spoiled you must check out Ken Paves Salon and ask for Anna!

Thank you so much for your excellent service, Ken.  Your products did wonders to my hair and your staff was amazing, talented, and super friendly.

Ken Paves You are Beautiful Products UsedKen Paves You are Beautiful Salon afterKen Paves You Are Beautiful before after



Spring Capsule Collection: Outfit Remix #14

spring capsule 14-5-2

Welcome to week 14 of my spring capsule collection outfit remix series.  This week I’m mixing my white flared denim with the Cady from Elizabeth & Clarke’s spring 2015 box, and an embroidered crop jacket.  If you have not heard of Elizabeth & Clarke then you can read my 1st review here. For their spring collection, they sent me 3 shirts to review.  I wore one of the shirts here and the remaining one will be featured shortly.  I wore the Cady blouse for Mother’s Day brunch and received a lot of compliments from a lot of people.

I have to talk about this beaded jacket!  I’ve been wanting to get my hands on the Isabel Marant X H&M beaded jacket for a while but nothing came close until I spotted this at Mango.  At last, I found my boho chic staple!

BTW, when I received this jacket from Mango some beads were missing.  This jacket did not come with extra beads. I asked for extra beads but they told me to send it back for an exchange or refund.  When I found out they no longer had my size I kept the jacket instead.  So, yes this jacket has some missing beads but you can’t really tell from these pictures or in person.

This is by far one of my favorite jackets and it will be in heavy rotation throughout the year or even more.  I can see myself pairing this jacket with my skinnies, pencil or flared skirts.  I can also casually drape this jacket over a maxi dress for another boho chic look.

I feel like this outfit remix series is never ending and I really do enjoy mixing and remixing every piece.  I can’t wait to share more outfit combinations in the coming weeks with you.

spring capsule 14-1-3spring capsule 14-8spring capsule 14-1The Cady blouse c/o Elizabeth & Clarke| Mango Beaded Jacket| Mango Flared Denim| JCrew Espadrilles| DIY Leather Clutch (similar style)

Prepping for a Date Night

Date Night Prepping

If you have been following this blog then you know G & I try to have date night at least once a month.  Having twins does pose a challenge in trying to coordinate quality alone time (aka date night).  So at least once a month we try to have date night where we get all dressed up and go out to our favorite restaurant or any new ones in town.

What I love about us is that during dinner, we shut down our phones (well, right after a picture has been taken for Instagram!) and talk about some of our favorite family memories. To this day, we still talk about the minute the twins were born to their baby language that only both of us understand. It’s a great time for us to bond and reconnect as a couple keeping our relationship healthy.

Of course, some dates take a little more preparation than others.  So if possible get a babysitter, leave the house, go to dinner and possibly even take in a movie. Really, make an effort to have date night.  It doesn’t have to be fancy. I know it is hard to find the time and there is certainly that guilt factor about leaving the kids. But trust me, it is so important to get that time alone for you and your partner. So here are some tips on how to reconnect:

Schedule It:  We do this at least once a month. Once a week would be better!

Get all Dolled Up:  Put some effort in getting dressed. Show some legs or cleavage and he will want a date night with you every night. Oh, he should dress up too!

Turn off the Cell Phone:  We leave ours on vibration mode just in case there’s an emergency regarding the kids. This universal rule applies not just on date nights, but it should be for all venues.

As important as date nights are you can’t expect them to always go as planned, but when you can get them it makes those moments all the sweeter.

Date Night Prepping-1-3date night prepping-1-4Date Night Prepping-3Date Night Prepping-2Family Values Program

Disclosure:  Thank you Kimberly-Clark for sponsoring this post.  As always, all opinions are my own.

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ERASA XEP 30: No Needles, Anti-Aging, Botox Alternatives!

Want to get rid of those wrinkles without Botox and surgery in 14 days? I know I do! If you have been following this blog then you know I’m always on the lookout to review the best anti aging skincare for my 40+ yr. old skin. Have I thought about Botox? Of course (gasp!)…c’mon I live in LA!  I went on a consultation a few years ago and I just couldn’t go through with it. Botox contains Botulism…Botulism people! The price?  $360 (minimum) AND you have to keep injecting it every 3 months so that your face can stay looking waxy and frozen.  Besides, I couldn’t get a straight answer on how Botox can get rid of your wrinkles when all it does is it freezes your muscles…I want to age gracefully and I WANT to smile and laugh ALL.THE.TIME!

I have reviewed a lot of products and most of them so far are great for my skin.  Thanks to these products my skin is more supple and hydrated with fewer lines.  My lines are not completely gone because I’m aging and I should get more lines and wrinkles as I age.  I rely heavily on healthy eating, exercises, concealers and kick-ass creams (at affordable prices) to hopefullly stay healthy, youthful and vibrant.

When the folks at Erasa Skincare contacted me regarding this superior anti-aging concentrate product called Erasa XEP 30 that can erase up to 72% wrinkles and fine lines in 14 days, I was intrigued.  REALLY?  Send me more facts and independent lab studies and we can go from there.

Julius Zecchino, formerly a Chief Scientist at Estee Lauder (for almost 2 decades) helped develop Erasa XEP30, a lotion he promises will eliminate wrinkles by more than 70 percent in 14 days.  You guys heard of this little brand called Estee Lauder, right? Well, for the past 18 years Julius Zecchino was primarily responsible for formulating ingredients and products that grossed billions of dollars in revenue. Not to mention he was awarded the prestigious Marie Claire Prix d’Excellence (the Beauty Industry’s Oscar) award an unprecedented five years in a row. And his latest creation, Erasa XEP 30, is launched today!

I typically don’t write any information about products that I have yet to get my hands on but after reading the facts and the independent lab test results I was sold! I immediately told them that I wanted to buy a bottle once it launches.  Stay tuned for my independent review!


Here’s what I learned about Erasa XEP 30. It features an exclusive active, XEP-30, which was created by Activen, a Swiss biotechnology company (this is the better, stronger version of XEP-18 a.k.a. snail venom). BioMimetics Labs created a patent-pending delivery system that makes sure the actives penetrate deeply to do their job. Independent clinical lab tests show results never-before-seen in a topical (74% wrinkle reduction, 74% pore reduction, 99% shine reduction). Erasa XEP 30 treats the whole face, instead of just one area, solving a lot of problems with one concentrate.

Erasa represents the pinnacle of a total skincare solution, combining best-in-class anti-wrinkle technology with proprietary and patented actives that stimulate the skin’s natural power to rejuvenate – the skincare industry has not seen a product as revolutionary since the introduction Botox™.  Curious to know what’s in this wrinkle erasing bottle?  Take a look…

ERASA XEP30 Ingredients

I look forward to receiving my first bottle and this could be my answer to erase most of my wrinkles and age gracefully.  Want to get your hands on a bottle too?  It’s a lot cheaper than Botox and requires no surgery!

ERASA XEP 30 retails for USD 160.00 and is currently available exclusively at their website starting today, followed by physical presence at select prestigious stores worldwide.


Disclosure: This post is sponsored by BioMimetic Laboratories.  As always, all opinions are my own.

Simple Indulgence: No. 19

Coconut Water

coconut juice-1

It’s been a long long week for me.  So much is happening for the past few days professionally and personally.  This coconut water was the perfect elixir to calm my nerves.  Do you know it’s got some health benefits too?  Contains lots of potassium, low sodium, and low calorie.  For me, I just love the taste of it.  I can have at least 3 in a row easily.  This is the perfect indulgence on a hot day!  I hope you will have a nice weekend.  Until then, I will see you on the blog!


Visiting a Library

Fun at the Library-2-2

English is my second language. I learned ABC’s when I was almost 10, a few months after immigrating to the states. Two weeks after admitting to the school, I was introduced to this room with dark walnut stain doors and antique brass door knobs.  Once opened I was mesmerized by these colorful books with colorful pictures of flowers, plants, animals, and everything that you could ever imagine. It was a room that opened my eyes to new worlds, new possibilities. This room, which I later learned was called ” library”,  was where I learned how to read one word at a time and also got lost in; taking different journeys to different parts of the world. I think that’s what sparked my interest in my love for travel.

Sadly, I stopped going to the library once I started working after college.  I was too busy with my career and by then some of the information was readily available on the internet.  Today we live in a technology world where information is easily accessible and convenient, not to mention instantaneous.  The need to go to a library, a place once considered a social experience, has diminished significantly.

Now that I’m a mom I look at most things differently, things that can help my kids succeed inwardly and outwardly, and visiting a library is one of them.  Both G and I truly believe that regular library visits inevitably lead to more reading. Reading is one of the best activities to provide the foundational language and literacy skills our kids need to succeed. According to the Children’s Literacy Foundation, using a library can improve your children’s reading ability.  And an Oxford University study shows that reading books improves your chances in life.

We are lucky to live in a neighborhood where libraries are still available in close proximity to our home. This makes the commute time shorter and more enjoyable, especially living in a traffic congested city like Los Angeles. While I work during the day G would take the boys to visit the library at least once a week and I join them whenever I have time off. The visits started with the twins at 2 playing toys to playing educational games on the computers.  Most recently, the twins love story time at the library.  The twins always get excited about going to the library every week because in addition to playing their favorite toys they also get to choose books for their bedtime story.  Every night they get to enjoy different adventures before going to bed.

Although I rely heavily on Google these days but I will never forget it was the library that assisted me in improving my English.  Now I visit libraries with my kids to seek different adventures, information that I couldn’t locate online.  Visiting a library is now one of our favorite pastimes.Fun at the Library-1

Fun at the Library-1-2 Fun at the Library-3Fun at the Library-2Family Values Program

Disclosure:  Thank you Kimberly-Clark for sponsoring this post.  As always, all opinions are my own.

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Amazingly Chic & Affordable: All Under $100

All these chic and amazing items are under $100!!!  To get shopping details please click on the images.


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Rituals Organic Rice Milk & Cherry Blossom

I’m a Dove kind of girl when it comes to body care, but I don’t mind reviewing other products to see what’s out there.  Besides, it’s always good to rotate your products.  Today, I’m sharing my most recent body care review, the Rituals Organic Rice Milk & Cherry Blossom.  Here’s my take on this shower oil.

The Goods:

Rituals Organic Rice Milk & Cherry Blossom Shower Oil ($15)


The Claim:

This shower oil helps to prolong your tan. The oil hydrates your skin in the shower so that you lose less pigment. You can thus enjoy your holiday tan for even longer.

Mama’s Take:

I’ve been using this shower oil for the past couple weeks.  Let me just clarify this “shower oil”.  It’s not greasy or oily at all.  In fact, the oil turns into a milk solution once it hits water.  The scent is not heavily fragrant either; it is pleasant and soothing.  I can’t say if this shower oil had prolonged my tan, but I do know that the oil does hydrate my skin.   I love the fact that it is organic and the ingredients are natural.  This product is avaible for purchase on their website, these stores, or Amazon.


Disclosure:  Although I was given products to review from Rituals, as always all opinions are my own.