Date Night Style Series: Vintage Inspired

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loa los angeles-1

loa los angeles-1-5

loa los angeles-1-9

loa los angeles-1-3

loa los angeles-1-4

Dress: c/o LeTote | Heels: Topshop | Clutch: DIY leather clutch | Bracelets: Ann Taylor  | Sunnies: Target 

Welcome to Date Night Style series! Each week I select an item from my closet and style it for that special night.  This item can be old or new, trendy or classic.  Either way the goal is to to transform the piece to a date night or day date look.  This week I selected this vintage inspired backless dress from Le Tote, an e-commerce site that rents clothes on a subscription basis.  You can read about my review here.

When I opened the delivery box and saw this dress I was puzzled and intrigued.  I have not had a chance to update the closet items on LeTote’s website but they selected this piece and sent it to me anyway.  It’s vintage inspired with a trendy cut-out in the back…it’s not the typical style that I’m drawn to but definitely not shy about trying it.  It’s refreshing to go out of your own comfort zone once in a while and wear something daring and unexpected, especially for a date night.  Have you worn anything unexpected and daring for a date night?

The Perfect Dress that Works on ALL Shapes!

We all come in different shapes and sizes but we ALL want to have that perfect body…at least faking it! The key is know how to dress to flaunt your assets you’ve got and downplay anything you’re less than  thrilled about.  Not sure what your body type is?  You can either google it or take a look at the brief descriptions below.  I did all the legwork for you already to save you some time :)  Here are the most common body shapes.

The Banana (aka Flute) body shape is when you are straight from shoulders to ankles. Think Gwyneth Paltrow.  Adding layers and volume should enhance your femininity.

The Apple body shape is when your middle area is wider with smaller legs.  Think Jessica Simpson.  Look for items like v-necks to elongate your body, mini skirts that sit on the hips to give you a visual balance or blocky heels and trapeze dresses to enhance your legs.

The Hourglass body shape has fuller top, small waist and curvy hips.  Think Kim Kardashian.  Look for high waisted pants to accentuate that small waist, feminine light weight tops that define your waist without adding bulk, and pencil skirts to capture your curves.

The Pear (aka Dewdrop) body shape is when you are curvy in the thighs and butt but small in the top.  Think Alicia Keys.  The key with this body shape is to put the spotlight on your slender waist or add statement necklaces to play up your dainty upper body.

I also curated some looks for your shape by using the same LBD, a closet staple.

LBD for all body shapes

Banana shape:   I selected a wide waist belt to create the illusion of curves and these sexy lace up booties add a shapely quality to the boyish frame.

Apple shape:  A boyfriend blazer can skims your midsection stylishly.  Add statement bracelets to attract attention and draw the eye downward.  And these beautiful chunky heels will enhance your legs.

Hourglass shape: To not add bulk to your curvaceous figure look for thin knit sweaters/cardigans like this one to define your waist.

Pear shape:  Add a skinny belt to put the spotlight on your slender waist.  The statement necklace will play up your dainty upper along with these slim, pointy-toed heels will lend a lightness to your lower half.

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Beauty Buzz: Flex Belt Review

Happy Tuesday and welcome to Beauty Buzz!  Each week, I co-host the Beauty Buzz link up with Alison from Sassy Moms in the City, Nicole from Mom Trends, and Jo-Lynne from Musings of a Housewife.  I am hosting this week’s Beauty Buzz link up so come on in and link up your beauty post! We also host monthly beauty products giveaway from our favorite products.  We are looking for 2 winners so keep reading and scroll down to the Rafflecopter to enter for a chance to win!


This week I’m sharing my review on the Flex Belt. I have never heard of  Flex Belt until they contacted me to do a review.  After perusing their site and some materials I found out that the Flex Belt is the first Ab Belt Toning system cleared by the FDA for toning, firming and strengthening the stomach muscles.  And, I want my abs to look like Denise Richards, who is a frequent Flex Belt user.

The Flex Belt Reviews

The Claim:

The Flex Belt is a comfortable toning ab belt and the clinically demonstrated, patented medical-grade technology stimulates the nerves that make your muscles contract and relax. As a result, you get an effective abdominal workout that targets all the muscles in your abdomen.

Mama’s Take:

This device sounds perfect for a busy mom like me since I have not had time to practice yoga for the past 9 months and I personally don’t like to do hard core exercises.  I’ve been using this belt for the past 3 weeks.   The instructions are easy to follow and it’s super easy and convenient to use.  Since my 9 months of yoga hiatus my hormonal and aging body was beginning to show the neglect, especially the mommy tummy that I worked really hard in getting rid of a couple years ago.

I’ve been using the Flex Belt while I was on conference calls, doing laundry or burning the Mama in Heels midnight oil.   Well, after using the Flex Belt for the first 2 weeks I was hoping to see some 6 packs emerging.  I followed the instructions and did a 25 minutes each session with up to 50 AMP on each side.  To my disappointment 6 packs did not show up nor did the 4 or even 2!    After telling the rep that this device did nothing for me he was not surprised because the results vary on different people.  It usually takes  6 to 8 weeks to see anything.

Then 3rd week rolled by and BAM my tummy bulge deflated a little and I noticed some packs showing on my abs.  My tummy circumference was actually about half an inch smaller.  So it does work but it just takes a bit longer on my body!  I will continue to use the belt for the next few weeks and will share the results with you again.  Stay tuned!

Disclosure:  While I did receive the product from The Flex Belt for a review all opinions are my own.

P.S.  You can go here to purchase this belt and read other testimonials.  Love the testimonial from Denise Richards!!!

This month we are giving away the Microdermabrasion Scrub and the Evenly Radiant Brightening Day Creme SPF 15 from Derma e.

July 2014 Derma e Giveaway

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New Favorite…

Happy Monday everyone!  Hope you had a wonderful weekend :)

asos shift dress-1-9

asos shift dress-1-8

asos shift dress-1-10

asos shift dress-1-7

asos shift dress-1-11

 Dress: ASOS | Shoes: Brian Atwood  (similar style)| Belt: Ann Taylor (similar style) | Bag: DIY Leather Clutch  (similar style)| Earrings: c/o Henri Lou|  Bracelet:  MeghanLA (similar style)| Watch: Kate Spade

Can you believe July is rolling by?  Summer is my least favorite season but this year it has been pretty awesome: not too hot or humid.  Lately, I’ve been savoring the mild sun during the day and cool air at night. Although I don’t like summer but I do love the unexpected beautiful weather that has unfolded.  This weather has allowed me to wear more dresses like this pastel leopard print shift dress instead of the typical camis and shorts.  If this weather keeps up for the remaining summer I may have a new favorite.  What is your favorite season?

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From Garden to Kitchen: Yellow Zucchini

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Zucchini yellow

gudrun sjoden dress

Gudrun Sjoden Dress Zucchini

 Dress: c/o Gudrun Sjoden | Belt: Ann Taylor | Necklace: H&M | Lipstick: YSL #12

I love to cook, especially healthy food.  A vegetable side dish is present at every meal in our family.  It is healthy and simple.  Lately, my yellow zucchinis are growing like crazy in our little vegetable garden.  I did not expect anything to grow since this is my first attempt in growing fruits, vegetables and herbs.  When I saw these yellow zucchinis sprouting left and right I was over the moon.  How awesome it is to be able to cook organic vegetables right from your own garden.  One of my favorite zucchini recipes is to sauteed the zucchinis with shallots and olive oil.  This is one of the ways of how we eat healthy because eating well is living well.

Thank you for stopping by and have a fabulous and safe weekend!


Date Night Style Series: Lace Dress

Happy Thursday everyone!


French Connection Navy Lace Dress-1-5

French Connection Navy Lace Dress-1-2

French Connection Navy Lace Dress-1-2

French Connection Navy Lace Dress-1


French Connection Navy Lace-1-2

Dress: French Connection (old, similar style) | Heels: Briant Atwood (sold out, similar style)| Clutch: DIY Leather Clutch (similar style)| Necklace: Meghan LA (sold out, similar style) | Watch: Kate Spade | Bracelet: Meghan LA (sold out, similar style)

Welcome to Date Night Style series! Each week I select an item from my closet and style it for that special night.  This item can be old or new, trendy or classic.  Either way the goal is to to transform the piece to a date night or day date look.  This week I selected this navy lace dress from French Connection.  I can’t get enough of lace.  I think they are matronly but sexy at the same time.  So whenever I spot a high quality lace garment I tend to pounce and purchase it.

This cocktail lace dress was purchased a couple years ago but has been sitting in my closet not being worn as much as I had hoped.  Now that lace is full blown on trend, it is time to take this dress out and play.  I absolutely love the front pockets and this dress is conservative but sexy enough for a cocktail dinner/party.  Do you have any garment in your closet that is a couple years old but is on trend now?

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Amazingly Chic & Affordable…

Welcome to the Amazingly Chic & Affordable series.  Twice a month I will share on-trend items that are chic and affordable.  These are items that look “expensive” and chic and fit into your budget.  After perusing some online sites I found a handful of affordable and chic real leather handbags that are less than $100, which I think you will love!

Beauty Buzz: Phyto Intense Volume Mousse Review

Happy Tuesday and welcome to Beauty Buzz!

Each week, I co-host the Beauty Buzz link up with Alison from Sassy Moms in the City, Nicole from Mom Trends, and Jo-Lynne from Musings of a Housewife.  Alison is hosting this week’s Beauty Buzz link up so head on over to Sassy Moms in the City and link up your beauty post!  We also host monthly beauty products giveaway from our favorite products.  This month we are giving away the Microdermabrasion Scrub and the Evenly Radiant Brightening Day Creme SPF 15 from Derma e.  We are looking for 2 winners so don’t forget to enter for a chance to win!


This week I’m sharing my review on Phyto Intense Volume Mousse.  Volume is key when it comes to keeping my mane looking great…well, at least I’ve been trying to since my traumatic haircut.  Right now, my hair is at a stage where I’m not sure if I should take a chance and get a ” fix-it-cut” because there’s a high probability that it will go wrong again.  Or, should I just leave it the way it is, let it grow out and try to style it with different products.

When it comes to my hair, I keep it pretty low maintenance.   I shampoo every other day and only use argan oil as a leave in conditioner.  If I want to achieve the beach texture wave, I use this.  Don’t get me wrong…I did use mousse on my hair years ago.  Because it was drying my hair and causing split ends I stopped using it altogether.  While shopping for a hydrating volume mousse for my new hair do, Skin1 contacted me to review their hair and skincare products.  I chose the Phyto Volume Mousse instead because I really wanted to know if this stuff will work on my sensitive hair.  Will this product dry out and cause split ends on my hair too?  Read on and find out my take on this “mousse”:

phyto mousse-1

The Claim:

Phyto Intense Volume Mousse:  A mousse that adds body to all hair types, especially fine and limp hair.  Creates structure, increases volume and controls the style.  The added moisturizing active ingredient, Acacia Collagen, hydrates hair while protecting from environmental stresses.

Mama’s Take:

I’ve been using this product for the last couple weeks and I have yet to see any dryness or split ends…so that’s a good sign.  I love the fact that it contains a natural UV filter that protects hair from the sun which is a huge bonus when I’m out in the brutal heat.  For each application the texture of my hair is softer but full of volume and body, a huge improvement in my hair.  This mousse turns out to be better than expected.  It’s better that I show you the results visually…

Phyto Mousse Application

Phyto Mousse Before and After

You can purchase the Phyto Intense Volume Mousse at Skin1.  They offer free shipping!  Skin1 is also giving away this bottle to 5 lucky winners.  So stay tuned for the giveaway announcement on Beauty Buzz!

Disclosure:  Will Skin1 provided free product to Mama in Heels for review, all opinions are my own.

7 Years Later…

Happy Monday everyone!

French Connection Dress-1-6

French Connection Dress-1-3

french connection dress-1-7

French Connection Dress-1

French Connection Dress-1-5

Dress: French Connection | Necklaces: MarieChavez; Freida Rothman – c/o Accessories Council | Bag: Valentino (old, similar style) | Sandals: Tibi (sold out, similar style)

7 years ago , I strolled through Barcelona, Spain wearing a sleeveless white dress with white sandals on my 2nd date with my hubby.  Yes, it’s presumptuous but I knew then that I wanted to marry him so wearing white was my subconscious communication that I was ready to commit :)  It was actually my sister’s idea that I should wear white because white is a beautiful interpretation of love & innocence, and that it would leave an impression with him.  I guess I did because to this day he still talks about me in that white dress.  But like most things if not all things that are from Forever21, they have a lifespan of less than 1 year..maybe 2 depending on the quality of the material.  Needless to say, that dress only lasted 2 summers.  I’ve been on the hunt for a similar white dress ever since.

It was a simple white dress, really.  It was sleeveless and made of 100% cotton.  That dress was effortless and chic, a rarity in Forever21.  I’ve been back to the store on numerous visits but sadly, they no longer carry this type of dresses with this type of material.  I sort of stopped looking for a while and then out of the blue I saw a similar dress at French Connection on sale a few months ago.  Although it did not look 100% the same but it sure was close to 95% in terms of style, texture and comfort.  Of course, the quality was much better.  Without hesitation I bought it.

I wore this dress a few days ago to celebrate our success in getting the twins potty trained!  Yes, we did it!  NO. MORE. DIAPERS!!!  Little did I know on that 2nd date that a stroll through Barcelona can seal the deal 7 years later with twin boys in tow.  Do you remember what you wore on your 2nd date?


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Big City Weekend Getaway…

Happy Friday everyone!

Big City Weekend Getaway Pieces

1| 2| 3| 4| 5| 6| 7| 8| 9| 10

Planning for the bright lights, big city weekend getaway but don’t know what to wear?  Do not fear!  Just pack light but smart and yet still look stylish.  These 10 affordable and chic pieces will send you packing in no time and have you looking stylish and classy from site seeing to fine dining.  You can mix and match them and still look absolutely fabulous!  Don’t believe me?  Scroll down and see some looks created with just these 10 pieces!!!

City Weekend Getaway Look 1

City Weekend Getaway Look 2b

City Weekend Getaway Look 3

Thank you for visiting and have a fabulous and safe weekend!