Playdate with Baby Boosh

boosh clothing-1boosh clothing-1-4boosh clothing-1-6boosh clothing-1-3boosh clothing-1-7

My twins, Alexander & Dante, are 3 and a half now and they are quite independent (yes, we spent countless hours in repetition in training them and we still do for other things).  They knew how to buckle their own seat since 2 and a half.  We taught them how to water the plants, put their toys away, setting the table, clean up after each meal, make pizza dough, pick up trash and even do laundry (as my little helpers).  They always get giddy whenever they do these chores.  Some may think this is a lot of responsibility for kids at this age but we believe that if they learn how to do chores early and contribute to the household then they learn responsibility, which gives them the satisfaction from a job well done.  This hopefully will make them feel like they’re part of the team not to mention they learn valuable skills along the way.

Although they happily do these chores they are not so happy when it comes to getting dressed in the morning each day.  They are very very picky (just like their Mama LOL)!  They would only wear certain kind of clothing, preferably the Incredible Hulk and Spiderman pajamas.  ALL. THE. TIME.  When Baby Boosh contacted me to do a review I wasn’t sure if I could pull it off since the twins are so attached to their superhero pjs.  But once they saw the Baby Boosh polo shirts and fedoras they couldn’t wait to put them on so they could sing “hey Mambo…”  You see, they love to imitate their Dad singing on stage.

If you have not heard of Baby Boosh, then you may want to take note of if you have or will be having kids.  Baby Boosh is a super cute Children’s clothing line started in 2012 to dress children stylishly while looking fashionable in age appropriate styles.  The brand was created to satisfy that stylish outfit deficit since the market has tons of casual styles.  You can check out Baby Boosh on their website, Etsy or follow them at Facebook and Instagram.  You can also shop their line on Zulily this Friday the 19th.

Disclosure:   The short sleeve polo shirts, black & khaki fedoras are provided by Baby Boosh Clothing in exchange for reviews.  As always, all opinions are my own.

Decor Inspiration: Kitchen Plans

This is my dream kitchen; an all-white marble countertop and commercial grade appliances with a big island that opens into the family room.

white carrera marble kitchenSource

As I typed this, G made a face that said “our previous home’s kitchen looked like that!”  Ok..ok…it was not EXACTLY the same but it came pretty close and we enjoyed every minute of it.  As mentioned here and here we will embark on another renovation within the next few months.  BUT each renovation is unique in it of itself, whether that be a bathroom, mudroom, kitchen or dining room.  The good news is that we have found a contractor but we can’t start the project until late January because of the holiday and our travel plans.  Until that happens, I have been researching non-stop for materials that would deem timeless, classic, stylish and hopefully last for decades to come.

One of the rooms that we will renovate is our galley kitchen.   Don’t get me wrong, our kitchen is perfectly functional and very efficient but it definitely needs a face lift.  I had envisioned how this galley kitchen will look the first time I saw this home in the MLS.  For any galley kitchen renovation, one should consider brightening the area vertically to give the illusion of a bigger kitchen.  One of the ways to do that is to choose lighter tones that will make your galley kitchen feel much larger.  For this home I knew I wanted a bright light kitchen with dark walnut stain wood flooring, accompanied with carrera marble counter top, white subway tiles backsplash, white cabinetry, farmer sink and stainless steel appliances.   I want our kitchen to look like these, particularly the first picture:

Galley White Kitchengalley kitchen 1galley kitchen 2Sources: 1, 2, 3

G shares my vision but not my practicality (which I don’t disagree) on two areas.  For instance, the Carrera Marble counter top is not going to happen because it is way too high maintenance (I guess he won’t be cleaning it every 5 minutes haha!).  The closest looking stone that requires a tad less maintenance is Dolomite.  Well, that’s not going to fly with G either because we have 2 boys and they will make a mess!  So…after numerous phone calls, google searches and stone yard visits I found a stone that we both can compromise on; Quartzite (it is not Quartz Stone, which is a man-made material), a natural stone that is more durable and requires less maintenance than granite.  Well, I found one that came pretty close looking like Carrera Marble.  And yes, they are very expensive (cost twice the amount of granite) but so worth the investment!  The other area that G disagrees is installing the kitchen floor in wood.  I really really really want that wood floor but after a few interventions from family, friends and even some contractors I settled on porcelain tiles. Well, the boys will spill water, milk, juice, etc on the wood floor and there won’t be a 24/7 maid cleaning after them.  My argument is that if you let the liquids sit there for hours and days of course it will damage the wood floor and no one should be cleaning after them but themselves!  Anyhow, I digress.

THEN, last weekend while dining at one of the restaurants at the Miracle Mile Shops in Planet Hollywood I pointed out the wood flooring at the shops.  G couldn’t believe we were standing and walking on wood floors and the condition looked damn good!  Since there have been thousands of people walking on this floor 24/7 for years and will continue to do so why can’t we install wood in our kitchen floor to accommodate 4 people?   Without hesitation G gave the green light to go ahead and replace that dirt hoarding vinyl floor with wood…Hallelujah! Now it’s up to me to pull that off with a very limited budget!!!

That’s a Wrap

Happy Monday everyone!

cape-1-2 cape-1-6cape-1cape-1-5

Outfit Details: Oasis Cape| Hayden Cashmere Turtleneck Sweater|Gap Super Skinny Khakis| Coach Watch| Stuart Weitzman 5050 Boots

The mid-point of December is here today, which means we are one day closer to Christmas and one day closer to 2015.  Wow, time has flown and perhaps it’s a good thing.  Whatever the case, all I know is that the West Coast was hammered with monster storm and heavy winds last week.  Given the drought the rain was much needed.  I love the rain because it makes all things beautiful.  I can sit all day watching the rain while sipping a cup of coffee.

I also love taking long walks the day after the rain because the air is clean, fresh and crisp surrounded by blossomming flowers and greener grass.  We did just that after breakfast a couple days ago.  I wore this over-sized cape during our walk.  Yes, over-sized capes came roaring back this season!  When I first saw it I wasn’t sure if this style was right for my petite frame because I thought it would swallow me in it.  But I couldn’t shake off the image of the paisley pattern with the potential of coziness bundle.  After pondering for almost 2 weeks I decided to pounce on it when it was on sale.  To combat the bulky look I layered this cape over skinny khakis, cashmere turtleneck sweater and over the knee boots to complete the look.  This cape is now my go-to out the door coat/jacket.  For the the rest of December I will be wrapped with this coziness while inching my way into 2015.

If you are in the market for an over-sized cape, wrap or shawl you may want to take a look at these inspirational pieces!

Over-Sized Capes

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Amazingly Chic & Affordable: Holiday Party Dresses

Happy Friday!

Can’t decide what to wear to that Holiday party?  Shopping for that dress or outfit can be hectic and stressful.  For this week’s Amazingly Chic & Affordable series I decided to locate a list of affordable Holiday party dresses that are easy on your wallet.  After, you spent quite a lot on those gifts (yes, $25 per person can add up very quickly).  All the dresses here are less than $100! Happy shopping…

Have a fabulous and safe weekend.  Until next week, I will see you on the blog!

Mamas Who Know the Value of Accessorizing

All mamas just naturally seem to understand the value of accessorizing. However, celebrity mothers really seem to have the skill mastered. When out with the kids, or travelling across the globe, the following women know how to accessorize. While their looks are often basic, the right accessories carry them to new heights. Stars, princesses, and models… let’s look at what the celebs are wearing.

Miranda kerr kate middleton katie holmesSource

Kate Middleton

Being a princess keeps a woman on her toes. Kate Middleton wears royalty with ease and grace. With the little prince clutched in her arms, Kate’s smile is as bright as her red ensemble. Whether she is visiting Australia or the United States, she’s confident and relaxed with her husband, son, and entourage. Her gorgeous sapphire and diamond engagement ring, much like those offered at Michael Hill, makes a beautiful statement about the way Kate wears accessories with simplicity and style.

Gwen Stefani

Gwen has the look that mamas love. She manages to match elegance with comfort wherever she goes. From parks to zoos, Zuma and Kingston are right in step. Trendy belted geometric overcoat, black tights and knee-high boots, Gwen Stefani makes balancing the look with children an art form. Baby Apollo seems to agree. Her fashion choices keep her fans waiting for more. From statement pieces to “boyfriend jeans” yellow heels and pumpkin jacket, Gwen takes motherhood in stride.

Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes has also mastered pairing comfort with chic. Black leather and denim go together any day, especially when setting off for the airport in style. Add a banded hat, white t-shirt, sandals, oversized shades and tote… this celebrity mama controls the look.

Miranda Kerr

Being a Victoria’s Secret supermodel doesn’t hurt in the super mama department. Miranda Kerr is without a doubt amongst the best examples of mamas who have accessorizing nailed. Glamourous sunglasses, black leather pants and jackets, leopard prints and wool. Whether her hair is pulled back in a sleek bun or worn long, Miranda wears accessories with panache.

Heidi Klum

Former Victoria’s Secret model, Heidi Klum, places her role as Mama above all else. That being said, she manages to look incredibly stylish. Heidi appears stress-free in her maxi-length gray knit dress and jacket, classically accessorized with a narrow belt, cuff bracelet, and comfortable flats. However, this relaxed mother of four still manages to dress to the hilt in form-fitting pencil skirts and heels.

Victoria Beckman

Victoria Beckman made it clear when she became a mother that she would continue to dress with an edge. True to her word, with children at her side, she manages to wear fashion with elegance and polish. Looking more like a model (than a mother of four), it is impossible not to love her look, large shades, bold colours and sleek appearance. Victoria truly knows the value of accessorizing and dressing with style.

From manicured nails, graceful ease, beautiful jewellery and coiffed hair, each of these tastefully dressed celebrity mamas understands the true value of accessorizing.

This post is a collaboration with Julie Abrams (the writer). Thank you for supporting all Mama in Heels collabs!

Color Inspiration: Marsala

Pantone Color of the Year Marsala

In case you haven’t heard, the Pantone Color Institute has announced Marsala as 2015’s Color of the Year.  What is Marsala?  No, it’s not an Italian American dish but rather an earthy, reddish-brown hue color.  I love this color because it is hearty but yet very stylish.  As much as I love this color I rarely wear it because for some reason this brownish red hue just does not look good on me.  If this color looks flattering on you then you are in luck because I’ve gathered together a few images to help you get inspired!

Perfect Holiday Stocking Stuffers!

piper perfumery-1piper perfumery-1-4piper perfumery-1-5

I love perfumes.  I’m one of those people who would smell every perfume/fragrance swatch from the magazines.  When POPSUGAR contacted to review Piper’s Perfumery I was intrigued because I have never heard of this brand before.  They sent me 3 scents to try in exchange for a review.  The package included Naughty & Nice (sweet mandarin and creamy amber), Moroccan Dream (exotic mango & juicy mandarin) and Delicate French Vanilla (vanilla creme & brown sugar).  My favorite was Moroccan Dream.  It smelled so sweet!  For some reason the Delicate French Vanilla scent took me back to my junior middle school years, a time where I tried to fit in by spraying on this baby powder fragrance (the name currently escapes me!).

I was really surprised with the sizing of the these bottles.  I didn’t expect them to be that big, which means I don’t have to worry about stocking up so soon.  Since receiving them I’ve been spraying Naughty & Nice on my bed sheets for relaxation.  What I love most about them is that they are under $5 each.  I think they make the best gift for any girl/mom on a budget.  They are also great for Holiday Stocking Stuffers too!  You can find the Piper Perfumery in-store or online at Walmart for $4.98.  I’m getting ready to buy at least 10 for my Christmas gifts!  Thanks to POPSUGAR for introducing Piper’s Pefumery to me!

Cozy As A Blanket

rain-1-2rain-1-3rain-1-9rain-1-10rain-1-7Outfit Details: ASOS Sweater| Current Elliott Soho Coated Denim| Rebecca Minkoff Love Crossbody| Chloe Pumps (old, similar style)| Rivka Friedman Cuff| Lee Sadoughi Earrings via Halsbrook c/o|

Happy Monday everyone!

All of a sudden the frigid temperatures are upon us.  After all, the east coast is receiving record amounts of snowfall.  This beckons us to pull out our chunky scarves, camel coats, blazers, knee high boots and cable knit sweaters.  For us on the west coast, the chill is mostly during the early mornings and nights so the days are beautiful for strolling in style.

Since I am a huge fan of chunky knit sweaters, this recently purchased pastel pink sweater arrived just in time for my go-to bundle of joy in the cold.  It was the perfect sweater that kept me from the frigid temperature first thing in the morning sailing through the day and into the night.  I’m embarrassed to admit that this sweater was already in rotation 3 times last week.  I wanted to keep wearing it throughout the week because it was cozy as a blanket.  I hope you have at least one item in your closet that can keep you warm and cozy during the winter time.  If not, I’ve gathered together a few images to help you get inspired.

Cozy Sweaters

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Amazingly Chic & Affordable: All Under $100

Happy Friday!

I know the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals are over but don’t give up!  For this week’s Amazingly Chic & Affordable series I was able to locate a list of items that are already discounted and they are chic chic chic.  Nothing is over $100 on this list! Happy shopping…

Have a fabulous and safe weekend.  Until next week, I will see you on the blog!

Hunting for A Rug

My office

My office

office flooring

office flooring

I’ve been on a mission to change my office’s flooring. That’s just one of the things that needs to be updated first. A few months ago G & I decided to switch our offices. He’s now got the smaller one with feminine decor (aka chandelier..LOL) and I got the bold masculine 175 sq ft room, which is covered with red glazed red bricks. There’s nothing wrong with that if you like that bold look.  I tried to feminize the room a bit by placing an old floral rug that’s a bit small (and color clashing) for the room.

The adjacent living room’s flooring is oak in dark walnut stain. Ideally, I would love to rip this flooring out and replace with the same flooring as our living room. But that can be costly. Right now our focus is renovating our bathrooms and kitchen so the budget is very very limited. So one of the solutions is to cover the entire floor with a rug, but hey some of them can be costly too.

For the past couple weeks, I’ve been on the hunt for that rug that would provide a warm but chic look because I do spend a considerable amount of time in this space. I have been checking Wayfair, Overstock and Home Goods. These places have the rugs I could choose but they are either way too small or too big. Then a friend of mine referred Floors USA to me. They sell rugs and also carpet. I can actually have them cut a piece of carpet to the exact measurements. Their prices are supposedly very affordable. I chatted with Floors USA online and they told me to visit one of their stores or they can call me. So there’s hope!!! I’m really excited about the possibility of neutralizing my office and I can’t wait to share that with you.