Simple Indulgence: No. 8

Make a Branch Arrangement

branch arrangement-1-2



My simple indulgence of the week is making a branch arrangement.  It is very easy to make. All you need are some branches, a vase, and some water.  I got my branch bouquet from Trader Joe’s.  Aside from brightening up your home they are beautiful, serene and will last longer than flowers.   For $5.99 this is a simple indulgence that I don’t mind splurging once in a while.

So, this weekend whether you will visit a supermarket or take a stroll on a sidewalk, don’t forget to carve out some time to collect a few branches and try this simple indulgence. Your home will definitely love it.  Until next week, I will see you on the blog!

Amazingly Chic & Affordable: All Under $100

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I’m so in love with the floral romper and want to bring it home, but this floral chiffon dress looks gorgeous too and it’s the type of affordable dress that I’ve been hunting for to add to my spring capsule collection.  These fringe booties look so flirty and fun, but I think this may be this spring’s perfect accessory.

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Happy Shopping!!!


Why Mommy Must Be Happy!

Hello everyone!   A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to read The Art of Having It All: A Woman’s Guide to Unlimited Abundance by Christy Whitman, the acclaimed New York Times best-selling author.  This book resonated with me beyond WOW!  THIS IS A MUST READ BOOK for ALL WOMEN across all age groups.

The Art of Having It All

Today, I’m so excited to have Christy sharing why Momma Must Be Happy.  Take it away, Christy…

I’m sure you’ve heard the old saying – which supposedly originated in the Deep South – that states: “When Momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.” While this may sound like an old wives tale, it actually speaks to a very powerful universal truth: The energy we bring to any situation or relationship has a far greater influence on the people we interact with than the words we speak or the actions we take. If our energy is frenetic, we elicit tension, anxiety and resistance from those around us, and greatly reduce our chances of creating the outcomes we desire. And when on the other hand our primary vibration is one of calm and joyful anticipation, we put others at ease and naturally inspire their cooperation. Yes, we get the job done, but in such a way that everyone involved is left feeling full, inspired, and…happy!

What many women don’t yet realize is that generating this kind of happiness – in others and in ourselves – is entirely an inside job. It has nothing to do with getting our kids to clean their rooms, our partners to treat us a certain way, or our in-laws to behave the way we want them to. What determines our happiness is the degree to which we are connected with ourselves. Why? Because it’s only when we are connected with ourselves that we can feel (and adjust) the quality of the energy we are sending out.

Thanks to both quantum physics and modern science, it’s now a well-accepted fact that energy – not matter – is the primary substance that comprises everything that exists in the universe. Even things that our senses tell us are solid– rocks, mountains, trees, and flesh-and-bone human beings – are made up entirely of energy.

The quality of the energy that we send out sets the tone of the energy that flows throughout our households. When there is harmony within us, that energy radiates out in waves, flooding our home and everyone in it with laughter and love and brings a vibration of ease to everything we do and everyone we interact with – most especially our children. The same thing happens when we’re disconnected, of course, only in reverse. Our lack of harmony spills over into our household and manifests as a vibration of frustration, impatience and chaos. This energy may not be visible, but it’s palpable.

As women – and especially as mothers – it’s so incredibly easy to lose ourselves in the roles we play and forget that putting our own happiness first is prerequisite to creating a happy marriage, raising happy children, and creating a happy home. This is probably because most of us were raised to believe that practicing self-care is tantamount to being selfish, and that taking care of others is a far more noble pursuit. But I want to suggest that this notion is as fundamentally flawed as it is outdated, and that learning how to find happiness within ourselves is one of the most loving things we can do for our kids. By making our own happiness a priority, we are teaching our children – not with words, but with our energy – what it means to be a successful, fulfilled, well-rounded human being.

The bottom line is this: to raise joyful kids, we must be joyful adults. This is a choice that begins within us as individuals, extends to our relationships with our partners, and spills over into our relationship with our kids. When Momma is happy, the rest of the world reflects that happiness! Emotions are contagious.

Christy WhitmanChristy Whitman is a New York Times bestselling author, transformational leader, and author of the forthcoming book The Art of Having It All. She has appeared on The Today Show and The Morning Show, and her work has been featured in People Magazine, Seventeen, Woman’s Day, Hollywood Life, and Teen Vogue, among others. As the CEO and founder of the Quantum Success Coaching Academy, a 12-month Law of Attraction coaching certification program. Christy has helped thousands of people worldwide to achieve their goals through her empowerment seminars, speeches, and coaching sessions and products. Christy’s life-changing message reaches over 125,000 people a month, and her work has been promoted by and featured with esteemed authors and luminaries such as Marianne Williamson, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Marci Shimoff, Brian Tracy, Neale Donald Walsch, Abraham-Hicks, and Louise Hay. She currently lives in Montreal with her husband, Frederic, and their two boys, Alexander and Maxim.

Meet her at and

Spring Capsule Collection: Outfit #2

Happy Monday everyone!  Hope your weekend was treating you well.

spring capsule collection outfit 1-1-5spring capsule collection outfit 1-1 spring capsule collection outfit 1-1-2spring capsule collection outfit 1-1-4

Outfit Details

Top: Vince sweater (old but love this similar one for for $60 or this for $89)| Bottom: J Brand Denim (love this style for $49)| Heels: Mode Collective|  Bag: Bottega Venetta (love this style for $89): Earrings, Ring and Cuff: Wanderlust

First and foremost, apologies for the poor quality photos!  We are still learning how to take photos at night or just photos for that matter.  Last week I shared my Spring 2015 capsule collection with you and that I would mix and match my existing wardrobe and unveil one outfit each week for the next few months with this capsule collection. .

This is outfit number 2.  I’m mixing the high waisted denim with my boatneck sweater for a night out with my family.  The look was finished with beige calf pumps, chandelier earrings and a simple small cuff.  I think this look is simple and easy to pull off.  When tucking your top in this denim make sure the top is not too thick because it will create bulkiness around your waist, which is very unflattering.  I recommend a thin sweater or silk blouse and layer it with a cropped blazer.

As much as I love my skinnies I think I can put a lot of mileage on these high waisted jeans.  They are very comfortable and elegantly designed and worth the investment.  So far, this process has taught me to refrain from impulse buying and I’m able to save that money for something else :)

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Simple Indulgence: No. 7

A Sprig of Peppermint


I’m conditioned to drink green tea and dark chocolate every single day, usually an hour after lunch.  Lately, I’ve been adding a sprig of peppermint (freshly picked from my garden) to my tea after learning that peppermint has several health benefits.  Did you know that the extracts from peppermint leaves may inhibit histamine release, which suggests it may help alleviate hay fever symptoms?  Also, the aroma of peppermint has been shown to enhance memory and increase alertness.  It also contains menthol, which may inhibit the growth of prostate cancer as well as relieving a stuffy nose.  Most of all, it can help to relieve muscle spasms and pain.  This has been my recent simple indulgence, and now my daily ritual.

So, this weekend while I celebrate Chinese New Year with my family and friends, this simple indulgence will be part of that ritual.  You too, don’t forget to carve out some time to try this simple indulgence.  You will definitely love it.  Until next week, I will see you on the blog!

Amazingly Chic & Affordable: All Under $100

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I love every item on this post, especially the blazer for $80.  You just can’t beat the price!  I recently bought the sleeveless stripe sweater and I can’t wait to share how I’d style this top for the next few months.  I’m in love with these loafer inspired flats and really wanted to get them.  BUT, I promised myself not to buy anything until the next season.

P.S.  I’ve got some SALE ALERTS!!!

JCREW is having 20% OFF of some items with code SHOPPING
LOFT is having EXTRA 20% OFF on sale styles (on top of the 40% OFF sale already running), click HERE  for the private code!!!
GAP is having 30% OFF EVERYTHING with code MAJOR!
ANN TAYLOR is having 50% OFF SALE ITEMS (discount applied at checkout)!



Our Kitchen Before


The above kitchen picture was exactly how it looked at time of purchase.  The only thing that we did to this kitchen was removing the wall papers and replaced with a fresh coat of paint.  A year later, we had to replace the refrigerator because it suddenly died on us.  Since we weren’t sure if we were going to move in completely we decided to hold off on performing a full kitchen renovation.  Now that we have decided to stay and with some money saved we are going all the way.

Although this kitchen was functional it was drabby, dingy, lackluster, gloomy and most of all uninviting. I wanted to brighten the galley kitchen and my trips to Greece inspired me to infuse that happy outdoor lifestyle to this space.   Now that our kitchen remodel is underway I’d thought I would share what our kitchen used to look like and what our plans were to give this kitchen a facelift.  I will share the after photos once it is ready for the unveil so stay tuned!

Kitchen Stove before Kitchen Sink before Kitchen Bar before


Spring 2015 Capsule Collection

Click on the items above  for shopping details

In celebration of NYFW in the Big Apple, I wanted to share some must-have styles straight from the runway. After all, fashion is always a season ahead.  This year I’ve decided to purchase my spring pieces ahead of time so that I can focus on other things.  This will also help me from doing impulse purchases throughout the season.  With that said I thought I’d share these items that I have recently purchased for spring (yes, I have an affinity for stripes so please forgive me!).  Most of these pieces have arrived and are not going anywhere.  There are still a few items that will be trickling in within the next few days.  I’m hoping they will fit (fingers crossed)!  The only item that I’m still hunting for spring is a chiffon floral midi dress.  I think it’s in my head but I’m still lurking on the internet to hunt for it.

This spring capsule collection should last me an entire season if not more.  For the next few months I will be mixing and matching these pieces with what I already have in my closet to create a wide variety of outfits. My hope is that this collection will hit every note from edgy, sophisticated, elegant and of course chic!  I will reveal one outfit at a time once a week over the next few months.  Hopefully this will help you inject some of these styles into your own wardrobe and not put a dent in your wallet!

To kick things off this week, I’m featuring the striped skirt from Chicwish (they run small and shipping takes at least 15 days by the way).  This look was recently featured at Rhea Etc where I shared my opinions about skirts.  I paired this skirt with a striped cashmere sweater.  Some people found this look to be busy but I thought it was quite playful.  There are a myriad of ways in pairing this skirt and I can’t wait to share what to come this spring so stay tuned!

Striped SkirtBowknot Striped Midi Skirt, Chicwish $36 (purchased for $28)

Striped Skirt-1Striped Skirt-3Striped Skirt-8

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Just The Two of Us

Happy Monday everyone! Hope your weekend was treating you well.

Pre Valentine Dinner-2-2Pre Valentine Dinner-4Pre Valentine Dinner-5Pre Valentine Dinner-3-2Pre Valentine Dinner-6

Outfit Details: Theory Linen Sweater, Current Elliott Denim, BCBGeneration Shoes (they run small so order half a size up), DKNY Saffiano Tote, Ann Taylor Bangle, Wanderlust Chandelier Earrings, Sephora Lipstick

Although G  already took the boys & I out to celebrate Valentine’s Day as well as our belated Anniversary we felt we needed to go out on a date night just for the two of us.  The home renovation also nudged us to get out the house instead of cooking on the George Foreman grill and dine with paper plates/cups and plastic utensils.  So, late last week G & I did just that.  We dropped the boys off at my parents house and went to an Argentinian restaurant followed by a movie. Getting all dolled up in our chaotic under renovation home was a challenge so all I did was put on my every day denim, a light sweater and some red lipstick to finish the look.  I didn’t even fix my hair (I still can’t find my hair blowdryer!) but whatever.

Anyhow, the night started out romantic and uplifting but after watching this movie I felt like I was in a war and almost died.  It was that intense and I have to say it was really really well made.  After watching that I felt more grounded about life.  I am so thankful and appreciative of our soldiers risking their lives so that we can go to the mall, dine at restaurants and watch movies without worrying about our safety.  Unfortunately, the war is still going on at certain parts of the world.  I pray for all these innocent people and hope we all can live in peace one day.


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Simple Indulgence: No. 6

Take a Bath

Image Credit

Taking a bath not only lead to a better night’s rest but can also reduce muscle tension. I try to take baths as often as I can but since having the boys it’s not that frequent. But whenever I do it would be an indulgence for me. I would spend time in there to just relax and unwind. It’s a great way for me to feel rested after and to also put me in a clearer head when I need to address any worries at a better time.

So, this weekend don’t forget to carve out some time to try this indulgence.  You will definitely love it.  Until next week, I will see you on the blog!

P.S.  I’m being featured today at Rhea Etc as a guest talking about skirts so don’t forget to check it out!  Here’s a sneak peak of the blog post:

Striped Skirt-1