I love looking my best at all times but life can be a chaotic roller coaster that can throw your organized schedule into a rut. Being a busy mom I don’t have a lot of time so I constantly look for ways to be time efficient.  This allows me to spend more time with my family.

Keeing up with my beauty routine is important because it keeps me feeling good. When I look my best it limits any unnecessary stress.  Before the twins’ arrival it took me 3 days to do all these routines.  Since I became a mom I had to split up and distribute my beauty routines because I couldn’t complete one routine in a day.  Kids can be very time demanding and you want to give it all to them.

When I first started this home beauty routine I had to place these appointments on my calendar so I won’t forget. It is now part of my every day habit.  I have hyper sensitive and dry skin and here’s what I’ve been doing every week to keep my skin from breaking out and keeping it from looking dull.

snail face sheet

Monday Exfoliate & Face Mask.  I exfoliate my face at night after brushing my teeth.  30 minutes before bedtime I place a snail mask sheet.  I’ve been obsessed with these snail face sheets lately!  I finish up my night chores while waiting for the mask sheet to dry.  Then I add face serums and night creams and off to bed!

Tuesday Nail  Polish Removal.  I do this  after dinner.  Not only do I remove the nail polishes I also cut and file my nails in preparation for next day’s polish.  I do this religiously once a week for my finger nails and every 2 weeks for my toe nails.  Then I let them breathe for 24 hours.

WednesdayNail Polish Application & Face Mask.  Since my nails are already filed all I do is polish them.  I do this after dinner.  30 minutes before bedtime I place a snail mask sheet on my face and work on my blog while waiting for it to dry.

ThursdayExfoliate.  I exfoliate my face before putting on the face serums and night creams.  This takes less than 2 minutes to do.

FridayExfoliate, Bath, & Mask.  This routine usually takes me half an hour.  The best time for me to do this is when the kiddos are in bed.  I exfoliate my entire body then soak in bath with epsom salt and almond oil.  During this time I place a snail mask sheet on my face and just relax in the tub.

SaturdayNail Polish (topcoat) & Facial Dermabrasion.  I apply  a clear polish over my manicure.  I try to keep my polish as long as possible and sometimes you need to add another coat a few days later to keep them going.  This has worked for me for years and once in while I will switch over to gel nails so that I can get a beauty routine day off here and there.

Since I exfoliate my face twice a week I do dermabrasion once a week.  I used to go to my facialist but that took up a lot of my time not to mention it also put a dent in my wallet.  There are some great dermabrasion scrubs out there that are affordable and effective.  I’ve been using this one from Boots and really love it.  It takes less than 2 minutes but your skin will feel so nice and bright after.

SundayHair Mask.  I mask my hair once a week and the best time for me to do this is after dinner.  I usually take a shower after and then let my hair air dry before going to bed.


Here’s a condensed version of my beauty upkeep schedule.  You can download this beauty guide to get started.  My routine is a bit OCD but you can develop a routine that works for your skin and most importantly, your schedule.

weekly beauty upkeep schedule

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