tumericIt is a well-known fact among our family and friends that both hubby and I are self-proclaimed Health Fanatics.  Almost everything in our pantry sports a USDA Certified Organic logo. We do not read labels, we dissect them. Whenever we see someone eating fast food, we cringe and have a sudden urge to smack those fries right out of their greasy little hands.  We are borderline at adding and subtracting ingredients when ordering at a restaurant.  And the list goes on and on.

Each month I share our healthy living habits from exercising to eating. This month, I’d like to share how I got rid of my cold in less than six days!  This happened almost two months ago.  I came down with a cold where my throat felt scratchy and painful the first couple of days.

Typically, when I catch a cold I would get a sore throat, followed by watery eyes, running nose and coughs.  Those symptoms typically go away within three to four weeks, but the cough symptom would stay for months on end.

Coincidentally, the conversation of turmeric health benefits came up with my sisters at one of our family dinners.  This was right before I got sick.  I’m aware of turmeric and have talked about the health benefits of turmeric on this blog. What I didn’t know was that in order for the body to fully absorb the turmeric it is important to mix it with black pepper and oil in a boil water.  Since turmeric contains the chemical curcumin, it can decrease swelling and inflammation.

I started drinking this cocktail on the second day of my cold, and in less than six days I was completely recovered. The best part was? My cough disappeared completely.

Since then, I have made it a habit not only for myself but also for my hubby to drink this concoction on a nightly basis.  That habit became our before-bed rituals where we sit in front of the fireplace and talk.  Not only does this little ingredient is packed with healthy benefits it also added a boost of intimacy to our relationship.

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