Hubby and I rely heavily on each other to keep this family running smooth like a well-oiled machine, most of the time.  Luckily, we get help from our family but every night before bedtime we shift our focus and energy on prepping for tomorrow’s school and work.  Mainly to avoid any stress in the morning.  

I had previously shared 5 things we do every single night for 10 minutes before hitting the sac.  And we still do these things but have added a few more because the twins are now in school.

To keep our family sane and functional first thing in the morning [because we all know how crazy that can get], we have developed some habits the night before so that our kids can get to school on time and I can make it to the office before my meetings.

Here are the seven things that we do every night to avoid stress in the morning…

Nº 1 Pack Our Lunches

We do this every single night before going to bed.  I pack my own lunch and hubby helps with the kids’ lunch.

Nº 2 Charge the Phone

This is a no-brainer for us.  We charge our phones before hitting the bed.  Having a charged phone when you wake up first thing in the morning helps you put your schedule in perspective, especially when you are very dependent on the phone for traffic.

Nº 3 Check the Weather

This habit helps us decide what clothes we should be wearing the next day, especially whether the twins should layer their clothes.

Nº 4 Layout the Outfits and Iron them

Most of my kids’ outfits do not need to be ironed on a daily basis, but my work outfits do.  Having your outfits ready without fussing with an iron can speed up our morning routine.

Nº 5 Shower/Bath

We shower or take a bath every single night.  This calms us down and allows us to get a good night sleep.

Nº 6 Shampoo Hair

This is more for me.  I shampoo my hair every other night so that I don’t have to spend more than 10 minutes curling my hair in the morning.

Nº 7 Good Night Sleep

This is so important.  We try our best to get at least 7 hours.  For me, the older I get the more sleep I need.  I recently learned that I no longer can have caffeine or sweets after 3pm, or I will be up all night.

Every team needs a game plan and my hubby and I have been relying on this game plan to sail smoothly throughout our hectic schedules.

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  1. We need to start making lunches the night before for hubby and Master 7. we also do our bathing at night. saves so much time in the morning.

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