Welcome to my new monthly series, In Her SHOES.  Each month the series will focus on anything shoe related from trends to reviews regardless of price.

Aside from my handbag obsession, I love shoes.  The older I get the pickier I get, especially when it comes to comfort.  I love investing in classic, timeless and versatile shoes that I can wear over and over again.

I have a collection of shoe staples; pumps in neutrals – they are mostly for work, I also have some pumps in fun colors…they are great to elevate any look.  

My intention is to be able to wear them regardless of trends.

Since I’ve been getting so many emails about shoes…well my blog, mama in heels is about a mom in heels after all…so it’s fitting that I should have a series that would chat about shoes.  So, without further ado, I’d like to share my first pair.

The Aubrey Lace Up Mid Heel Sandals by RAYE

Price: $205

Isn’t she a beauty?  I have not worn RAYE before but I really loved some of the styles I have seen in the past, and this one is no different.  So, I decided to give it a try.  I ordered a half size larger than what I normally wear because my feet tend to swell much more in the summer.  When shopping for shoes there are three tricks that I always use whenever I try on shoes.

The Late Afternoon Trick

In case you’re not aware, our feet do change as the day goes on.  They tend to swell a tad, typically in the late afternoon.  That’s the best time to try on any shoe.  You want to make sure they fit right.

The One-Inch Trick

This typically applies to stilettos.  It is recommended that you should have about an inch between the insole and your heel when you lift your heel up.  If you can’t then that means they’re probably too high and you won’t be comfortable.

The Thumb Trick

I do this all the time, especially when trying on pumps.  Make sure the space between your big toe and the top of the shoe has about a thumb’s amount of space.  You want enough wiggle room so that friction in that area is not created.

Armed with these three rules, here’s my take on the RAYE Aubrey Sandals…

The Late Afternoon Test

I tried on these sandals at 5 pm on a Saturday.  Well, these sandals did not fit my feet.  They’re too big.  I should have ordered my size.  So it’s safe to say that RAYE’s shoe sizing runs true to size.

The One Inch Test

It’s obvious that these sandals are not that high so doing the one-inch test is a moot point.  I lifted my heel anyway and it was fine.

The Thumb Test

So I didn’t run this test at all because these are open toe sandals.



These sandals are on-trend and very versatile.   They are made of real suede and the nude color goes with any outfit.


I think the price is a bit high.   I’m not too crazy about the tassels – they could be less stiff and a tad longer.  The fit isn’t that great because they keep slipping off (probably because of the sizing).


I would definitely consider buying these sandals in the right size if they were on sale for less than $100.

Styling Tips

If you do decide to purchase these sandals they can really help to elevate and modernize the look.   I’m all about mixing a trendy item like these sandals with a vintage dress to come up with a playful, eccentric outfit.  These sandals are also great to balance out a busy pattern.

I hope you are enjoying this new series as much as I have.  I can’t wait to share my next pair with you in June.

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