Disclosure: I was asked to participate in the #LetsFaceIt campaign, sponsored by Walgreens. This sponsored conversation is written by me on behalf of Studio 35 at Walgreens. Although I have been compensated, all opinions and text are all mine.

If you have been following me then you know how tight my schedule is. Aside from working full-time, I have to take care of my three kids (two toddlers and one husband). I also run this blog. So, I’m always on the run.

Regardless of how busy I am, I’m notorious for taking care of my skin. Aging doesn’t scare me – but looking my age does!

I approach my skincare like my basic wardrobe essentials. Just like the perfect Little Black Dress, blazer, and pumps, having the basics means being able to put yourself together quickly and easily. The same goes for skin care because looking effortless requires the right basics. My two skincare basics that I dutifully follow is removing my makeup every single night and applying a mask at least once a week.

Recently, I was introduced to some Studio 35 facial masks at Walgreens. I picked up quite a few along with some wipes for my sensitive skin.

The single use masks are 3/$.00 or 1/$1.99 while the tube masks are $3.99 each available at Walgreens and Duane Reade. Here’s my take on them:

Studio 35 Detoxifying Black Charcoal Mask

The Claim: This creamy clay mask is enriched with bamboo charcoal, known to detoxify skin by absorbing excess oil and debris. Skin is left feeling clean and refreshed.

My Take: This mask feels very smooth and mud-like. It is easy to squeeze out of the tube and dries quickly. It creates this tingling sensation after the application. My face feels nice, clean, and supple.

Studio 35 Facial Brightening Sheet Mask

The Claim: This mask includes fruit enzymes and bamboo extract. It helps to smooth and illuminate skin. And also helps restore natural balance.

My Take: I like this mask. It is easy to use and the cut-out holes fit my face perfectly. My face is moisturized all day without having to add anything else .

Studio 35 Detoxifying Manuka Honey Peel Off Mask

The Claim: This mask is formulated with manuka honey. It helps cleanse and purify the skin.

My Take: This mask smells like honey and I wanted to eat it instead of applying it onto my face. It goes on smooth and easily peeled off. My skin is left smoother, and softer.

Studio 35 Anti-Aging Mask

The Claim: This mask is formulated with argan oil. It deeply cleanses and balances skin.

My Take: This mask is creamy and goes on your skin smoothly. It’s very moisturizing so my skin feels really hydrated afterwards.

Studio 35 Sensitive Skin Wipes

The Claim:: The wipes are formulated with soothing ingredients. Gently removes dirt and makeup without irritation. Fragrance free. Hypoallergenic. Derm tested.

My Take: These are probably my all time favorite make-up remover wipes! It didn’t leave my face red or irritated and with one wipe it got rid of my makeup completely!

The Studio 35 Beauty offers everyday skincare essentials that are affordable, high quality and easy to pick up at your local Walgreens or Duane Reade. They are just as high quality as the more premium brands, but a fraction of the price.

Their masks are effective, easy to use, and affordable. They fit my wallet and my hectic schedule so that I can enjoy the benefits of fighting any aging signs without putting a dent in my wallet. Their wipes are just as good and probably one of the best ones out there that I have tried. I can easily remove all the makeup (waterproof mascara included) with just one wipe. This saves time and money.

These basic skincare essentials do not have to cost me an arm and a leg to look and feel amazing every day. Not only do you deserved to care and pamper yourself, it’s also important to give extra love and attention to your skin. In the long run, it pays off.

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