Disclosure: I was asked by Carusele to participate in the #MoisturizeFromWithin campaign, sponsored by Glow by Nature Made® at Walgreens. This sponsored conversation is written by me on behalf of Glow by Nature Made® at Walgreens. Although I have been compensated, all opinions and text are all mine.

I take pride in taking care of myself internally and externally because it helps me look and feel my best. I believe that having healthy skin starts from within. And having healthy hydrated skin means my skin looks plump, dewy and youthful. For me, this does not happen overnight.

Great skin requires good eating habits, exercising, and using the right products for your skin. I do my best to practice yoga and eat healthy whenever I can. I also have a beauty regimen that I follow religiously. Part of that beauty regimen includes taking skin, hair and nails supplements on a daily basis. These supplements contain antioxidants and vitamins to help skin cell regeneration and help with skin suppleness, firmness, and smoothness.

When it comes to caring for my aging skin I’m quite active and adventurous. I’m willing to try any products that have health benefits. My goal is to minimize the effects of aging by not going under the knife.

One of the latest skincare supplements that I started to incorporate into my beauty regimen is GLOW BY NATURE MADE® Skin Moisture + Sleep. I’ve been having sleeping problems since returning from Sicily almost two months ago. For a week and a half since my return, my sleeping patterns were a mess. I napped at 6 pm and wouldn’t wake up ‘till 2 am and stayed up all day after. And on repeat for days. Obviously, I was suffering from jet lag, where my body and mind were lagging. Oddly, it was still lingering after a week or so. Aging? Perhaps. Lack of proper supplements? Possibly.

Once I started taking the GLOW BY NATURE MADE® Skin Moisture + Sleep supplements I’ve been sleeping like a baby. There’s no tossing or turning. I take two soft-gels an hour and a half before bedtime every night. The minute I hit the bed I’m gone. I wake up the next morning feeling refreshed, energized and motivated.

I also noticed my lips are no longer dry like before. I have always had dry lips regardless of the season even though I was already taking other skincare supplements and applying lip balm. Two weeks after taking the GLOW BY NATURE MADE® supplements I no longer have to apply lip balm at night or during the day. My skin is so supple and dewy it glows – a few people at work asked what I have been doing with my skin and I told them about these supplements.

GLOW BY NATURE MADE® supplements are more effective because they help retain skin’s moisture on the inside, which helps with smoothness and healthy looking skin on the outside. Since these supplements contain ceramides, which support skin hydration from within, you can achieve a firmer, healthier, and youthful skin.

If you are looking for an anti-aging product that is effective, GLOW BY NATURE MADE® might be an option for you to try. And you don’t need to spend a fortune to do so. They have three different types of skincare supplements to choose from:

GLOW BY NATURE MADE® Skin Moisture ($11.99): Each serving (two soft-gels) contains 70-milligrams of Ceramosides to help replenish the natural ceramides in the skin, which help support skin hydration by helping to form a lipid barrier within the skin to retain moisture. Copper and vitamins A and E provide additional skin health support, too. Ceramosides helps support skin hydration in as little as 15 days*.

GLOW BY NATURE MADE® Skin Moisture + Hair & Nails ($11.99): Combines the ingredients of the original product with 2,500 mcg of biotin to also help support healthy hair, skin and nails.

GLOW BY NATURE MADE® Skin Moisture + Sleep ($11.99): Combines the ingredients of the original product with 1-milligram of melatonin to also help support sleep.

GLOW BY NATURE MADE® is found in the vitamin aisle at Walgreens where each box contains a $3 coupon for your next purchase. I bought 2 boxes at Walgreens and will purchase a couple more in a month. In case you haven’t noticed I shop there a lot!

Thanks to GLOW BY NATURE MADE® supplements my skin has been glowing from within. These supplements have replaced my previous skincare supplements and are now permanently part of my beauty regimen.

*For adults with dry skin. **70mg CERAMOSIDES

Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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