Last monthwe scooped up a fabulous structure bag for less than $217 (taxes included) with $6 left to spend in August.  We are adding this amount to this month’s $200 monthly budget.  So, for August we have a total of $206.13 to spend.

A lot of people think you have to spend a lot of money to look like a million bucks.  Well, as you can see through this series you don’t.

Keep in mind that we are building a cohesive wardrobe that you can mix and match for seasons to come.  For August, we found some ready to wear fall pieces that look expensive but very affordable, all under $197!

Red Hot Bootie ($110):  This fall screams red red red hot!  I’ve been seeing these hot-hued boots everywhere and they are poised to take over the Instagram feed.   I love how versatile they are, compliment pretty much any outfit from jeans to fancy dresses day and night.

Tweed Jacket ($59.99):  Tweed jackets are a classic.  They are a must have closet staple.  I love the unexpected Chevron print embroidered around the sleeves and other areas.

V-Neck Sweater ($14.99):  I buy a few of v-neck sweaters like this one almost every fall/winter.  They compliment any trend and go with any outfit.  You can always count on a v-neck sweater to keep you looking chic and stylish.


Stay tuned for what is to come in September!

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