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If you haven’t heard, the classic red is the color for fall.  This hue has been a favorite among street style trendsetters, and it isn’t slowing down with most retailers anytime soon.

One can not deny that red is a sexy, vibrant and fun color.   It is also a very emotionally intense color.  Red can come off as being too bold or aggressive for a conservative work environment.  I have always avoided wearing the color red to work until the last couple years.  I guess the older you get the better you feel in your skin?

Regardless of age, I think the business world has shifted.  Women are more expressive and it is encouraged not to dress like a man in a female-dominated working world but managed by the male-dominated working world.

I think it is perfectly fine to wear read to meetings to show you are assertive and have lots of energy.   

For fall I’m going to show you how to incorporate a little bit or a lot of red into your fall work wardrobe without costing you a fortune.  And it is easier than you think!

  • Take your red wardrobe in small doses.  What I mean by this is that you choose one red item for your outfit – from jewelry to shoes.  So use red as an accent or,
  • Go bold and beyond – all red from head to toe for a monochromatic look.  
  • To tone down the red color you can keep the rest of the look neutral.  
  • Scale down your look by adding just a small pop of red color with a statement bag or shoes.

To me wearing red is a source of strength and makes me feel more confident and capable.  

Here is some inspiration to wearing read to work so that you can go crush that meeting like a boss – all under $150!!!



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