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It’s such an honor to be asked to participate in a #BecauseImalady campaign movement that truly celebrates all women.  Talbots, the classic and timeless women’s fashion brand made up of 92% women, recently launched the new campaign, #BecauseImaLady, and I’m loving their message!

The campaign takes a powerful, yet relatable, stance by challenging old perceptions and demonstrating the need to redefine what it means to be a modern “lady.”  According to Talbots SVP of Marketing, Deborah Cavanagh, this campaign pays homage to all those real, confident, fun, strong, independent, intelligent, resilient and bad-ass women.  In other words, being a lady is unapologetically owning what’s yours.  This one-minute video explains this concept!

Who wouldn’t want to celebrate such positive message? ! 

According to Webster, the word “Lady” is a woman of refinement and gentle manners.  This term once implied a proper woman who is refined, polite, well-spoken, not to be disrespected, crosses her legs at the ankle, and never talks out of turn.  In a nutshell, she doesn’t work but lunches.

But isn’t it about time to look at what it means to be a lady?  We are in 2017 and most of us do work, fiercely independent, and are not afraid to speak up.

After all, we have evolved since the Victorian era and are more than just prim and proper as a woman.  Because…

We are gracious and polite yet we are not afraid to speak our mind.  

We may have strong opinions but we speak them softly, with reverence.  

We are strong women with a soft heart.  

We are self-aware and when we are in the wrong we apologize.

We express genuine interest in others.

We stand up to authority when authority is wrong.  

We stand up for the weak when they need our strength and voice.

We are not afraid to take a compliment and own it if someone calls us “bossy” because of our leadership qualities.

We can confidently dine alone if we want our “alone time” and enjoy our own company.

We enjoy our girlfriends’ company and not afraid to laugh hard and out loud.

And when we drink we know when to control ourselves.

Yet, we are still humble, kind, and generous but adaptable.  Now, that’s what I call a lady!


Diamond-Weave Jacket in Red Pop | Italian Flannel Fax-Wrap Skirt in Wine | Lux Wool Cashmere Flannel Cap-Sleeve Dress in Camel

Thank you Talbots for sponsoring this post!


  1. I’m not familiar with the brand, but I do love everything that you’re wearing! Those boots are just killer and totally my style! 🙂

    • Janise Reply

      You have to check out their site. Their pieces are very high quality.

  2. Your shoes look so beautiful. I really like your red heels. Perfect for your ootd.

  3. Elizabeth O Reply

    You looks so beautiful in your outfits. Especially the first one. Simple yet classy look. I really love the diversity of your clothes.

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