Once a month I share my top five bargain finds from new and pre-owned to vintage pieces that are not only stylish but also worth the investment.  I also share the latest fashion items that are the most desirable, affordable, and also great investment pieces that are too good not to buy for the monthly Fashion Craze series.

Starting this month I’ve decided to combine them both and share my top eight affordable and desirable finds of the month instead.

Here’s a roundup of my top 8 finds for November!

1.  Makeup Setting Spray ($7.99).   If you are heading out for a night on the town and want your makeup that would last all night long, this is the spray that you need to get.  I religiously use this whenever I need my makeup to stay put.

2. Saddle Crossbody Bag$95 ).   This bag is one of my favorite crossbody bags.  It’s so versatile.  I can wear this from day to night simply by taking out the straps.

3. Makeup Brushes $24.99 ).   These makeup brushes are the best – high-quality and affordable!

4. Lipstick Kit ( $29.50  ).  I love MAC lipsticks and this mini lipstick kit is perfect to travel with.

5. Aviator Jacket  ( $111 ).  I think Aviator jackets are sexy and bold.  It’s even better when it’s pink!  #GirlPower!!!

6. Knit Sweater ($34.99).  I love  being wrapped in a soft, knit sweater with wool content.  This ribbed turtleneck with heavily dropped shoulds and wide sleeves with narrow cuffs in light gray is so on trend for fall/winter.

7. Skinny Denim ($34.99).  I’m a skinny jean kind of gal.  It’s just very versatile and stylish.  I can style it with pumps or simply with over-the-knee boots.

8.Sweater Dress ($77). I wear sweater dresses every fall/winter because what could be cozier and easier than wearing a knit dress?  They go with everything from ankle boots to knee-high (or higher) boots.


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