what to wear to workLast week I shared what to wear when it is 80-degrees in fall.  This week, I’m sharing what to wear to work.

I am a working professional and the dress code in my work environment is business casual.  Business casual may mean different things at different companies, cities, and industries.  For me,  I like to play it safe and dress certain ways for work. 

As previously mentioned, regardless of what is considered “business casual”, what to wear to the office hinges on several things: your company culture and dress code, current trends, and your personal style.  

I used to work from home and I would sometimes be in PJs while on conference calls.  Now that I work in an office environment I choose carefully what to wear every day because my outfit is a reflection of my personality.  

I typically wear denim on Fridays and weekends, but my go-to fail-proof business casual outfit during the week usually consists of pantsuits because they look simple, clean, polished, and serious – and that’s how I convey my work style at work.


One can argue that dressing in shorts and a t-shirt or a sundress and sandals is too casual.  Instead, consider wearing a combination of a skirt or dress slacks, blouse, sweater, twinset, jacket with closed toe shoes.  If you work in the technology sector, sandals or peep-toe shoes may be permissible.  You can pretty much show up in ripped denim, t-shirts, and even flip-flops and HR will not send you home.  Otherwise, stay on the safe side like me and put on pantsuits.



what to wear to work

Here are some pantsuits under $120 that are perfect for this weather and won’t break your bank.


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