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Our family eats organic and natural food whenever we can because we believe in eating as clean as possible.  Overall, we believe in clean living.  I have to admit though that we have not done a good job of using organic and natural products for our skin and body care as well our home.  One can argue that I’m too lazy to search and visit many different places to locate different types of product.  I just don’t have the time.

I recently learned about NAVAGO, a go-to online shopping destination for natural and organic products; current information on trends and developments in the organic and natural field; and unique coverage of brands that provide a holistic approach to total well-being.  Their mission is to present their community of users with eco-friendly, natural and organic products, crafted by independent brands who deeply believe in improving our health and our environment.

When I first visited their website I felt like a kid in a candy store.  NAVAGO carries so many organic and natural products that I have not heard of.  I wanted to buy them all.

I was given their Skincare Package for review, and for each product I am sharing the indie shops and companies’ unique stories.

Kunye, Purify Cream Facial Cleanser ($34)

Canadian Glacial Clay has been used for hundreds of years to cleanse and purify. The particles are minute enough to penetrate pores and attract impurities from deep within the skin.  Kunye’s PURIFY deep cleanses oily, acne-prone and problematic skin without stripping it of necessary oils.  KUNYE designs products to topically support skin function using the most effective superfood, mineral, fermented, and botanical ingredients.  Each product is meticulously blended by hand and formulated with consciously curated ingredients intended  to heal, hydrate, nourish, and protect.

This is one of the most gentle cleansers I have used so far.  The cream cleanser is very gentle that leaves your skin feeling clean and hydrated, but not stripped of moisture.  I have hyper-sensitive skin and this cleanser didn’t cause any type of reaction.

Bios Apothecary, Tea Tree Acne Tincture ($28)

Heal breakouts fast with this anti-bacterial, anti-microbial herbal tincture. Apply as a spot treatment directly to blemish using the glass applicator.  BIOS APOTHECARY is a holistic, small-batch skincare and personal care line based out of New York. Their wide range of apothecary-inspired natural skincare for women and men include bath soaks and salts, gemstone infused chakra balancing oils, herbal balms and salves, and therapeutic flower waters- each made by hand using organic, wildcrafted, and food grade botanicals and essential oils.

Luckily, I have not had any blemish issues.  However, hubby got a little red pimple on his forehead a few days ago and the redness was significantly reduced the next day after applying the ACNE Tincture.

Revival, Cinnamon + Sugar Lip Scrub ($7.95)

An all natural lip scrub to remove chapped, dry skin for a perfectly smooth pout! This sweet scrub will leave your lips ready for your favorite lipstick. Made purely with Fair Trade

Cane & Brown Sugars to gently exfoliate, Organic Virgin Coconut Oil to hydrate, and Cinnamon to add just a bit of spice to give your pout a tingle.  REVIVAL BODY CARE is committed to using ingredients that are sustainable, ethically sourced, fair-trade, cruelty-free and organic, to ensure healthy, nourished skin, lips and hair without the use of chemicals, toxins, artificial colors, fragrances or fillers.

If there is one area on my face that I necglect in taking care of it would have to be my lips.  I put lip balm as neede but I have never ever exfoliate them to get rid of dead skin.  This lip scrub was quite a treat.  My lips felt smooth and pouty after exfoliating them.  I will have to add this step to my beauty regimen.

Double Happiness Refresh: Flower Shower Face Mist ($33)

Formulated with the extracts of healing flowers and botanicals such as Rose, Jasmine, Neroli and Sandalwood, each gorgeous drop of this face mist provides a much-needed layer of  hydration and skin-renewing energy that’s suitable for all skin types.  DOUBLE HAPPINESS is founded by two Canadian women, both Gemini’s who wanted to share their knowledge of the healing plants, clays and oils the earth has given to us. Their line aims to unlock the power behind these elements to elevate your skin, health, body and spirit.

I’ve been using a lot of face mist lately.  I love the smell and how hydrate my skin feels after.  This face mist from Double Happiness is another one that I love, and the fact that I’m misting organic ingredients onto my face is hella good for my skin.

Klō Organic Beauty, Klō Serum: The Klo Glow and RE3 Oil Cleanser & Anti-Aging Serum Set ($96)

Klo’s luxurious Anti-Aging Serum helps restore much needed nutrients to the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines all while pampering you with hand selected organic ingredients. The RE3 Oil Cleanser is an antioxidant-rich oil cleanser that removes make-up and expels impurities to refresh and restore skin.  KLO ORGANIC BEAUTY was created by two sisters who wanted affordable products that made you feel beautiful, smelled great, and were made of the best ingredients and contained nothing harmful or artificial.

The oil cleanser leaves your skin soft and clean while the serum locks in the moisture.  Every time I use these duo I feel like I’m being pampered in the spa 🙂

Anokha Skin Care, Mango Butter Eye Treatment ($60)

This eye cream was created in response to requests by the clients of New York City Plastic Surgeon Dr. Naidu. A lightweight yet effective eye cream, Mango Seed Butter hydrates to minimize fine lines and wrinkles, Caffeine assists in alleviating puffness, while licorice root extract and ashwagandha help to minimize dark circles. Inspired by ancient traditions but backed by modern science, ANOKHA SKIN CARE’s organic and natural ingredients, often from South East Asia and India, are as results-driven as they are beautiful.

I just started using this eye cream so I have not seen an immediate result.  However, the areas around my eyes feel softer.  Just like most skincare products it will take some time to see their full potential.

Vana Body, Eclipse Face Mask ($25)

A precious blend of mild clays, coconut milk, rosehips and botanicals soothe, soften and leave skin feeing fresh and pampered. Delicate and mild, pink clay, white clay and coconut milk combat sensitivities, irritations and dryness. Rosehips powder, lavender flowers, geranium and lavender essential oils calm inflammation while healing and reviving dullness.  VANA BODY offers a streamlined collection of basic skincare essentials where each product is crafted with less than 10 carefully selected, results-delivering natural ingredients.

I have used clay masks before and some have dried and irritated my skin.  Not this one!  This face mask leaves my skin feel soft, fresh and pampered.

I don’t think I have an excuse not to shop for organic and natural products anymore thanks to NAVAGO.

I’m excited to share with you that NAVAGO is generously giving away the exact Skincare Package ($280 Value) to one lucky winner.  You must be a U.S resident over 18 years old.   Note: by participating in this giveaway entrant acknowledges that entrant’s email address will be shared with NAVAGO.  Please scroll down to enter on Rafflecopter.  Winner will be announced on Tuesday, December 26th.  Good Luck!

If you don’t have to rely on the contest for a chance to win and want to try these products now, yo can get 15% OFF your first product on NAVAGO when you sign up for their newsletter here.

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  1. What a great giveaway! I love natural clays in my skincare products and am really excited to try the cleanser. Fingers crossed that I win!

  2. What an awesome website! I am in love with all things natural and wholesome and we definitely live a holistic lifestyle. I am certainly going to bookmark this site!

    • Thank you so much for your kind words and enthusiasm! We launched not too long ago and just started with getting the word out but we are thrilled with all the indie natural & conscious brands that have been coming to us to offer their beautiful collections! Super excited to have you join the community!

  3. I really love organic skin care products. It’s so much better for us when we let nature do what she does best instead of trying to add weird and wonderful concoctions that were made in a lab. That lip scrub sounds divine BTW, I could do with some of that right now

    • YES! I am personally a big fan of that lip scrub! Their Cinnamon Brown Sugar one is SUPER YUMMY, too. That flavor isn’t a part of this give away but it’s the one I’ve tried and it’s the most delicious thing ever…not that I eat it BUT I suppose I really could given the ingredients and it is yes, THAT delish.

      p.s. you can get 15% off your first item when you sign up with your email or register xxo and this one is worth it!

  4. I will for sure be visiting the website & checking out these products! As someone with an autoimmune disease, I’ve had to completely change my lifestyle. But the one thing that is still lacking, are the products I use on my skin & hair. I can’t wait to find some goodies!

    • Hi Kristina!

      So happy that you came across this post and are on your journey to learning all about ingredient safety, purity and the effects it has on our body and environment! Please feel free to write us anytime with any questions you may have or recommendations you need. While we will always recommend that you run ingredient lists by your doctor, depending on your needs, we can definitely point you in the right direction for specific categories of goods.

      Side note that just because it’s “all natural” doesn’t always mean that it’s good for you (plenty of iffy natural ingredients out there like Petroleum that can have many different “stage names”) so it’s kind of like the wild west but it’s also a lot of exciting new products to discover

      ~ xxo emi

  5. Elizabeth O Reply

    I do really love to use natural and organic products for my skin care. and thia Navago products are quite interesting. I will absolutely give it a try.

  6. All of these products look absolutely wonderful and amazing. I’d really like to try the cinnamon lip scrub!

  7. This is totally a brand I could identify with. Organic, simple and rich too. And the cosmestics look good as well! I’m not sure I could get them in Europe, but will definitely do some research:)

    • Had to comment as I think BIOS APOTHECARY has awesome packaging and of course, what’s inside them, too! You can check out their entire offerings on Navago.com at this link: http://bit.ly/2CU4hwV

      So excited that you have discovered Navago xxo

  8. I use all cruelty-free products in my beauty regimen and try to use natural/organic products as much as possible. I really want to try all of these products, especially the ones for acne. Navago sounds like a website I would love! What an awesome giveaway too.

  9. What an interesting selection of products! I use sometimes some organics products, but I’m not happy with all of them, maybe I should try a different brand!

    • YOU have an awesome last name!! Wow! I wish my last name was Eclipse! Or even BABYDOLL …..or….. delamar (or rather OF THE SEA) which are their two other masks totally worthy of checking out: http://bit.ly/2BWoC7T

      xox good luck! but if not, you can get 15% off when you sign up on navago.com ~

  10. I had not heard of any of these brand before. This lip scrub sounds like heaven and I would so need it right now! I also need more skincare products as my skin is being quite difficult!

  11. My friend is suffering from this issue. She is always looking for skin and hair products. I will definitely buy these products for her from the website.

  12. the lip scrub looks amazing… I’ve actually been searchin gfor a natural skin care range and wantedto find something not too expensive… have to try this brand!

  13. Agnes Vazhure Reply

    A natural and Organic product is the best skin care regimen for my sensitive skin. and this Navago is a must try. I will check this out.

  14. Wow this is a wonderful giveaway full of amazing products. I haven’t heard of any of these products actually, I am eager to try them out though. Thank you for sharing this wonderful giveaway!

  15. Wow, I love how the Tea Tree Acne Tincture look! It’s so classy~ I will love to be able to review these products too and hope that they worked the same way they did for you for me! Thanks for the giveaway!

    • Hi Marie! ANOKHA was founded by Dr. Nina Naidu, NYC Park Avenue Certified Plastic Surgeon who created and perfected this product for her very discerning clientele ~ they were looking for an eye cream that felt lightweight, but would deliver across all the common concerns like dullness, puffiness, undereye darkness, etc. it also smells like mango xxo

      You can see her talking about her line in this short video: http://bit.ly/2vRXfWq

  16. Navago is an online retailer that I need to get to know more about. The Double Happiness Flower Mist is calling my name. I’m also curious about the mango eye cream. Sounds lovely!

    • You are an amazing friend! We love it when we hear how beauty ingredient conscious women are spreading the awareness, enthusiasm and education on how what we should be putting on and in our bodies. We hope that your friend loves the site, too.

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